Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Corruption by any other name is corruption – something putrid, decadent, stinking, detestable, and abominable.

Crookedness. Fraud. Dishonesty. Cheating. Debasement. Decay. Falsity. Mendacity. Underhandedness. Disgrace. Trickery. Chicanery. Ignominy. Treachery. Deceit. Depravity. Deception. Iniquity. Decadence. Perversion. Degeneration. All these and other pitiful and shameful realities basically mean one and the same thing, i.e., corruption, which is a tired and tiring phenomenon in Philippine society.

Corruption in government from top to bottom has already become an abnormal reality in the Country. It is a phenomenon that is automatically appended to the government management of public funds, to government operations from infrastructure projects to calamity assistance, to numerous expensive tri-media self-advertisements and self-praises – especially in many, loud and big promotions of the supposedly glorious image of the Malacañang occupant. Government corruption has become a matter of course – such that honesty and integrity in practically any and all government dealings and public transactions are already perceived by the general public as absurd and incredible event.

Just for the record, once more with feeling, the Pulse Asia Survey held on 30-31 October 2007 asked the following expressed and direct questions:

First question in general: “In your opinion under which administration has there been the most intense allegation of corruption?” Face to face answers of Respondents: Valedictorian: Arroyo administration (45%). Salutatorian: Marcos Administration (31%). Honorable Mention: Estrada Administration (14%).

Second question in particular: “In your opinion, which president is the most corrupt in the history of the Philippines?” Face to face answers of Respondents: Valedictorian: G. Arroyo (42%). Salutatorian: F. Marcos (35%). Honorable Mention: J. Estrada (16%).

These popular findings are neither funny, much less amusing. The above perceptions are only too well validated on the ground by the more depressing and devastating vivant social realities of widespread poverty, sickness and misery; of pervasive criminality, exploitation of women and children; of omnipresent drug peddling, gambling and swindling syndicates.

The national government with its national leadership is a pair that combined stands for corruption incarnate in the Philippines. This is why not one has any tenable reason to complain that the wonderful claims the government makes, plus the grand plans, programs and projects it announces, are in effect considered but grand lies, fantastic misrepresentations – if not rotten garbage, i.e., nothing more than CORRUPTION.

July 16, 2008