Monday, June 02, 2008


The figure of a priestess dedicated to religious agenda and leading spiritual services has always been identified with old creeds and with modern non-Catholic faiths. The reality of “women priests” is noting to cheer or jeer about as it is a matter of institutional beliefs and pursuant observances. Considering their fundamental human nature and basic human option, women in the priesthood are neither necessarily better nor worse than men in the Sacred Orders general. What is more important and relevant specially during these trying and tempting times, comes from the common cry and search for truthful, honest and upright men and women in business, industry and the government—specially in churches of different religious persuasions in the world. Priestess

The persona of a priestess however in the Catholic Church is neither a past, much less a present or future reality. The truth and fact that only men are ordained to the Sacred Priesthood in and for the Catholic Church is definitely not because women are less dignified, less gifted or competent than men. The truth is that there are certain women who are more intelligent, upright and capable than some Churchmen. This is a standing fact that would be futile to prove otherwise. In the same way, there are certain Churchmen who are better informed, more skilled and efficient than some women. These attributions do not have anything to do with mere sexuality but with the intellectual and volitional features of individual human persons, men and women alike.

The truth is that not all men per se are qualified for the reception of Sacred Orders—but only those relatively few ones who satisfactorily meet the personal qualifications—i.e., physical and psychological, affective and emotional, intellectual and motivational constitutional features—are ordained priests. This is why available statistical data show that only some 9 to 11 out of 100 Seminarians reach their date of Sacred Ordination. Those who eventually abandon their initial desire to become priests either leave their seminaries on their own or are advised to do so for their own personal good.

Question: why is it that only men are ordained Priests? Answer: Because Jesus Christ Himself called only men to be His Apostles who in turn likewise has chosen only men to join them in their apostolic ministries. Notwithstanding His great love and profound admiration for His mother Mary, inspite of her sublime dignity as an individual and exalted attributions as a women, neither Christ nor his apostles ordained the Blessed Virgin Mary, a Priestess. This is a solid and standing historical fact.

The Pope as Supreme Pontiff in the Catholic Church, an Ecumenical Council, the College of Cardinals, the Vatican Congregations—all of them put together, have no authority to legitimately and licitly allow women to be ordained Priests. How could they when even Christ Himself did not!? This is why even after some 2000 years—and counting—there is no priestess in the Catholic Church. And this is certainly not because Church Authorities do not want to but rather because they may not do so.

2 June 2008