Friday, June 06, 2008

PAGCOR equals power

PAGCOR means power because it rakes in billions of gambling money, it has a big and deep bottomless pocket to throw money around in order to neutralize the laws of the land, to buy the support of and pay for the loyalty of chosen key public officials, to allow no one and nothing to be on its merry way in creating gambling addicts, in fomenting the culture of gambling and in thus effectively destroying the social significance and impact of honest work and noble toil. Yes the gambling phenomenon is as bad as this!

PAGCOR is a government owned and controlled corporation. That is why it participates of the omnipotence of the gloriously ruling administration. Blessed are those who give their unwavering support to and official endorsement of the infamous gambling corporation. And woe to those who dare counter its promotion of the gambling culture in the land, who attempt to stop its exploitation of persons under its dominative control. Hence the saying: Be pro-Pagcor and be counted among the blessed. Go anti-Pagcor and be cursed as long as you shall so live.

PAGCOR is mindful of throwing some pesos here and there, for this or that charitable project. It even spend much for the expensive and insistent advertisements of its glowing venture and its much taunted self-glorification in being a world class gambling corporation with some kind of a hazy “global” mindset plus a misty “Filipino” spirit—or something the like. Nice sound bites but those somehow intelligent will not buy it, while the ignorant would not understand it. Misrepresentations are eventually costly to sell and hard to buy. It is an exercise in futility to clothe vice with the attributes of virtue, to sell rotting garbage as a perfumed commodity.

One can just wonder what these leading government underlings would do—after dedicating themselves to the promotion of big and luxurious Casinos, to the cleaning of the pockets of their gullible clients, to the funding of dubious if not downright corrupt and corrupting agenda of their Boss-Chief—when they all come face to face with the following infallible realities: One, when they are eventually thrown out of their juicy and perky positions for one reason or another. Two, when they meet big accidents, have incurable sickness, become old and weak. Three, when they finally look squarely at the face of the grim reaper at their death bed.

Would that they have the opportunity to return everything and anything they have not earned rightly or justly. Would that they have the chance and the time to repent for their misdeeds against their neighbors—especially all the people they enticed to gamble and particularly the gambling addicts they produced to the lost of their good names, the detriment of their professions, the breakage of their homes.

Irrespective of race, color and creed, in the name of justice and for the sake of harmony, no one should take what is not rightfully his or hers, nobody should even cover what legitimately belongs to someone else. These basic prohibitions apply to all gambling corporations, all gambling operators and all gamblers!

6 June 2008