Friday, June 27, 2008

just thinking

There is one thing certain in Philippine politics, something that definitely no few people in different sectors of Philippine society ponder upon, seriously talk about and continuously make educated guesses on. This: How will the well known yet much distrusted incumbent national leadership keep its office of affluence and influence? What will the very formal and yet much disrespected MalacaƱang occupant do in order to keep the Palace that stands for power and wealth? When will the ruling administration decisively act—minding no one and sparing nothing—to extend, continue or prolong its rule? To retain the crown, this is known as “No holds barred.” To keep authority, this is called “Greed for Power” in the moral order.

This is but just thinking about the many possible answers to the above one and the same question in substance—without the least pretence of giving unsolicited advice, much less having any intention of engaging in political gymnastics, and even much less in delving into downright politicking which is admittedly the official expertise and exclusive domain of consummate politicians. This is but toying with a particular wild but still tenable political idea and viable political option. It is still possible that non-politician could give good political pieces of advice to professional politicians. After all, as it is well said, those who view realities from afar, have a better perspective thereof. In other words, those who are not deeply involved and immersed in politics can possibly have a more objective evaluation of an obtaining political situation. In short, this is not politicking—but just thinking.

It is often said, and alright it seems, that all tracks are open for the one now in tenure of the highest and mightiest office in the land to prolong governing the country. Among the probable avenues often mentioned are the three following difficult and probably even dangerous possibilities: Charter Change in many forms and in different ways under the leadership of the Lower House and the support of local government officials. Martial Law with the backing of the many former Military and Police Generals now appointed to national offices with civic and/or civic functions. Emergency Rule with the acceptance of the many beneficiaries of dole-outs in cash and in kind, with discounts and loans here and there, for this or that purpose—precisely to win the poor over.

But there is one concrete and categorical option come 2010 that is certainly not only constitutional but also ingenious, not simply a possible reality but a probable actuality. This: The Vice President runs for the Presidency while the President runs for the Vice Presidency. Thus it is that the forthcoming national elections are in the bag, wherefore although with exchange of titles, the leader and follower relationship remains, just as the teacher and student interaction also stays the same. While there is wherefore a formal change of offices, the factual respective role of the offices holders remains essentially the same.

That is nice and neat! Just thinking—aloud.

27 June 2008