Wednesday, June 18, 2008

food. shelter. clothing

One of the most ominous realities that loudly announces that there is a fast brewing social volcano in a country, is the fact that a good number of its people lack basic food to eat, have no decent shelter nor enough clothing to wear. And this is exactly the composite socio-economic plague that is now causing anger and resentment among many Filipinos. Hungry men, women and children in extra long queues for rice. Miserable families either squatting, living under bridges or sleeping in the streets. Imported discarded and dubious clothing items on sale here and there.

What makes this ugly phenomenon even more odious to see and detestable to even but think about, is that there is a MalacaƱang Palace that stands for affluence unlimited and enormous power, that looks like a fortress where ordinary people, the poor in particular, are most unwelcome. In fact, its occupant travels with every expensive entourage and acts like royalty pleased with big bows and lavish homage from its subjects. Incidentally, these hungry and miserable subjects are the ones paying for all the lavish expenses and regal perks of the leadership.

This pitiful situation in the country is made even more painful to the simple people and horrible to those in the know, by the proud and loud claim of socio-economic expertise on the part of the national leadership with its grand “super” developmental visions and progressive projections. Not long ago, it foresaw the Philippines as a first world country soon. Now, it is not even a developing but simply stagnating Nation—not really going forward but actually backwards.

This miserable state of affairs all over the land is precisely what causes long protest marches, angry rallies, inclusive of fuming moves from cause-oriented groups and organizations. As the heartbreaking national situation continues or even worsens, it is to be expected that more and more sectors of the Philippine society will go to the streets, make denouncements, burn effigies. As usual, the only exception to these demonstrations of anger and frustration will be the close relatives and big beneficiaries of the key character popularity censured for both errant and incompetent leadership.

Thus also stands the rationale of the long standing nervousness mixed with hallucinatory factors on the part of the ruling administration that continues to see destabilization plans and moves in practically all nooks and corners of the country—specially in Metro manila. No wonder that seeing ghosts of rebellion around itself, the national leadership has been decidedly surrounding itself with all available and willing military and police ex-Generals, fervently hoping that they would go to its defense when actually undergoing popular assault—forgetting the wisdom behind the saying “When the going gets tough, the tough ones gets going.”

18 June 2008