Friday, June 13, 2008

danger: casino

The mere mention of the word “Casino” immediately brings to mind many ominous human realities, various disturbing social situations and different alarming community circumstances. This why every casino callously built in any part of the Country categorically to entice and lure local and foreign gamblers, should necessarily carry the appendage of “Danger!” in big bold red letters. This public gambling “palaces” owe this to the people of the place where such entities of vice, shame and disgrace are built—notwithstanding loud protests from the community concerned but with the standard warm and beaming approval of the financially benefited local public officials concerned, some of whom are gamblers themselves.

The “Danger: Casino” signage is but a dictate of reason and truth. No Casino stands for something inspiring in terms of what is upright and exemplary, what is noble and sublime. The opposite is true: All Casinos loudly call the greedy and avaricious, the dubious characters and menacing individuals. These official gambling houses do not only cater to those who crave for the money of everybody else, but in effect provides for the making of gambling addicts, for their commission of different crimes to sustain their vice of gambling—to the extent of doing away with own families.

The infallible goal of all casinos is to clean the pockets of their clientele, to make them come back to win some money but eventually to see to it that they lose even more money till they have none. But it does not end here. The standard recourse of impoverished gamblers is to borrow money from ever ready and willing money lenders to the tune of some 20% daily interests—usually in the Casino establishments 24 hours a day. There is also the usual practice of gamblers placing their costly watches, rings and necklaces, their cars and other properties, in fatal mortgages. Here is the unwritten but deadly rule: “You pay or else…” It is no uncommon that heinous crimes are occasioned by big unpaid gambling debts.

Casinos usually display many attractive lights in many attracting colors—but infallibly become dimly lighted as one walks in their inner sanctums. There are always and at and it all times, certain watchful, shadowy and ever vigilant individual standing by and roaming about their entrances, looking here and there, taking note of who go in or out. While it may be wrong and unfair to call casinos as dens of thieves, neither would it be right nor proper to say that their owners and operators are saints, that their standard clientele and customers are spend much money to sanitize their persons and to deodorize their infectious operations.

While it may be true that a little portion of casino gambling gains is thrown out for some ostensible charitable works here and there, it would be intriguing to know where most of gambling money taken more gullible gamblers go—how and what they are spent for, how are they accounted for. Ah, Casino: They name is DANGER and thy surname is SECRECY.

13 June 2008