Monday, June 23, 2008

as the people sink

As the People of the Philippines sink in water and mud, their supposedly national leader flies high in cloud 9. As houses are destroyed and streets are flooded, someone is enjoying sky service with class on board, and anticipating royal reception abroad. As more and more Filipinos wallow in poverty and misery, there are certain few much favored and very loyal individuals who bask in luxurious presidential junket—courtesy of the inevitable e-Vat payments made even by poor children, jobless persons and sick elderly. To the morally callous and bankrupt, what is right or wrong, what is good or evil—all these are irrelevant. What matters instead is bloated ego-trips plus the feeling of infallibility and unending supremacy.

Many heads of States undertake international travels to many countries for many necessary or tenable reasons. But in conjunction with the on-going trip of the MalacaƱang occupant, many questions are being asked by the thinking sector of Philippine society. They are good willed and reasonable people. But they have yet to find or have to be told of any satisfactory or tenable answer. One thing however remains like a sore sticking finger in the present progressively worsening socio-economic situation in the country: It warrants no such luxurious travel cum lavish expenses by the national leadership and the company of close and evil followers. Why oh why?

USA has always been around for the ruling administration to lean on and rely on upon in case of need—especially so in times of its destabilization. But not too long ago, there were marked indications that it attempted to get the backing of China instead. This brought to fore the very expensive NBN ZTE connection that was subsequently disconnected. And there is the truly big time RP–China Agreement that has been causing strong local disagreements. And the latest appeared to be some kind of secret seismic exploration that was eventually discovered. So, the present administration has no recourse but to go and win back the good and kind, generous and protective Uncle Sam. Is this the “why” behind the lavish travel?

The supposedly Head of State of this unfortunate Republic for the past seven years repeatedly said with a straight face that it will be gone in 2010. Perhaps, not really. It had the face to precisely turn about face when it loudly and proudly promised that the 2004 national election was a non-issue as far as it was concerned. Exactly the same could happen in 2010. That is why it will need USA backing for it to stay in power—even after that ominous year. That is why it is giving a visit not only to the incumbent USA President but to anyone else who could be one come 2010 and hereafter. Is this the why behind the expensive trip?

One thing is certain: It becomes progressively harder to believe what the national ruler claims, gradually tougher to trust what the head governor alleges. So the question remains: Why the long flight?

23 June 2008