Monday, June 16, 2008

always taking never giving

The present government while very much in love with itself continues to try hard in pretending that it fervently loves the citizens. The ruling administration while wallowing in graft and corrupt practices persists in attempting to preach to the people the value of honesty and integrity. Recently, the incumbent national leadership insisted in the observance of parsimony in the morning, and yet it wallowed in pomp and pageantry the evening after. In other words, there are certain characters in the country who are incarnate signs of gross contradiction.

During these times when there is so much socio-economic hardship and misery all over the land, there is one loud song that the national officialdom tries to sing repeatedly: It is pro-poor. It bleeds for the indigent. It loves hungry people. Hence: It gives them groceries. It gives them vouchers and cash benefits. It gives them subsidies. Wrong: This government does not give but takes! It does not even own what pretends to give. The reality is it actually takes—it even keeps much while taking more. But give? As people in disbelief say: “Give me a break!” “My foot!” Or something the like.

The truth is that anything and everything the government has, come from the people through their direct and indirect taxes twenty four hours a day, four or five weeks a month, the whole year round. It always borrows a lot of money that people too eventually pay. The higher in public office individuals are in this country, the more they take and keep. And what they pretend to give infallibly comes not from their pockets but from public funds. In fact, practically all of them actually take when they pretend to give. What a farce!

Bridges with enormous billboards alleging “Gift of …” this or that politician. Street signs with big signs saying “This is the project of …” this or that public official. Even basketball courts, waiting sheds and the like with the big written announcements “Courtesy of …” someone in the local or provincial government. All these are big fat lies. The truth is that practically al of these public words are infamous with their standard “SOP”—now more known with the infamous word “TONGPATS” in favor of the bank accounts of the supposed donor.

It is so hard to believe and trust a morally bankrupt government. Made famous for its endemic lying, cheating and stealing, those now leading it are thus publicly and often denounced. This is why the big government propaganda of “giving” subsidies in the grand amounts of 2 billion for electricity and 12 billion for fertilizers is downright hypocrisy. Just as the government is by the consent of the people, so, too, government funds are the money of the people. Once more with feeling: This government takes the money of the people—rich and pauper alike—and diverts much of it in favor of the bank accounts of its crooked and notorious public officials, relatives and allies, and throws back a little of which to the people such as in form of the now so called “subsidies”. This is a concrete case when this administration must be very grateful to the millions of Filipinos—definitely not the other way around!

16 June 2008