Wednesday, May 07, 2008

sinister years

It is possible that it is but a fruit of mere imagination. It can be even said that it is simply the product of a paranoid mental orientation. But there are now marked indications with a strong factual basis that warrant the hosting of danger signals about certain officially mentioned years ahead, this is not to say that everything will happen as expected—whereas no one is certain even about tomorrow. But this is neither saying that it is business as usual—since it is becoming harder and harder to trust what the ruling administration says and shouts, to believe what the present government affirms and predicts, all tenable surveys say substantially the same reality, viz., the confidence and approval rating of Malacañang is repeatedly rated with a big “minus” balance.

2010. 2016. 2030. These are the years that deserve special attention and vigilance as they are categorically mentioned in conjunction with some welcome and even spectacular phenomena. They are years that demand special concern even if only on account of the formal expression and explicit promise that the Malacañang occupant will leave the people alone by reason of the constitutional provision on the matter of tenure—after having reigned for no less than 9 long years of many calamities in tenure and big man-made atrocities in government.

But before going the said three ominous years, it is good to remember that before someone already said on 30 December 2010 that running for the Office of the President was not an option. It was said so clearly and emphatically that people cheered, clapped their hands and admired the political generosity of the one who so spoke, pledged and promised. But lo and behold, not long after, the presidential office was avidly and relentlessly pursued. The ending of it all is now recorded in Philippines History under the shameful chapter of “Hello Garci!” Hence, it is good to watch out for the foreboding years ahead:

2010: In addition to the forthcoming Constituent Assembly for a charter change supposedly initiated by the Senate yet subject to the design and desire of the eminently pro-administration Lower House, Malacañang has predicted marvelous rice sufficiency in the country. Of course, this blessing will be credited to the national leadership for earning political points. 2013: The administration loyalist boldly predicted that it will be a big flagship year for the country for being then no less than a rice exporter itself—again to boast the political accolades of the incumbent leadership even long after the same is supposedly done and gone. 2030: And no less that the Malacañang occupant categorically said that this will then a First World Country—no if’s, no but’s.

Conclusion: Some must have the definite and defined intention to rule the country for as long as possible. The constitution can be easily changed. The people can be readily bought. Everybody and everything can be accordingly arranged. What someone wants, someone gets!

7 May 2008