Friday, May 09, 2008


There are not only many individuals but also a good number of organizations that have been all saying the same thing by words and statements, through placards and effigies, by way of rallies and marches: “Resign!” Needless to say, all these verbal, written and action driven moves are addressed to one and the same national figure whose over-all credibility and approval ratings are far from enviable. Mere perception or reality, repeated credible national surveys all come out with the same conclusion: The MalacaƱang occupant should go and be gone—even before 2010.

In a more calm and objective consideration, the call or shout for the resignation of the national leadership is not that insensitive much less really insulting—in the last analysis. Looking at it with a positive outlook, the following are the more significant reasons why the “Resign!” call, should not be considered as either that awful or so terrible:

First of all, there is the assumption that the personality concerned is wherefore looked up as the legitimate occupant of the highest office in the land. One who is not a duly elected national office holder is not asked to resign—but simply told to leave and disappear without any need of any formality, for any ceremony. Of truly big significance in this matter is that the infamous “Hello, Garci!” plus the complementary pitiful “I am sorry!” spectacle become moot and academic—as lawyers and judges love to say.

Second is the standing fact that the same national figure has to date already governed the Country for no less than seven long years—one long year longer than that specifically provided by the Constitution. If after that long, the Country is in fact not better than before, the people are in effect more miserable than before, the conclusion is rather obvious. All claims, pretensions and prognosis to the contrary notwithstanding, the individual concerned have to accept personal incapacity and professional incompetence in governing the Nation.

Lastly is the understandable temptation though unacceptable desire that by 2010—after a sum total of nine very long years in office—the same office holder will spare nothing and nobody in order to continue holding on to power and might. It is definitely not easy for someone to make a complete about face from the habit of ruling practically without rules, of doing everything without really doing anything.

World history is the living witness that no king, dictator or president really lasts in the throne, position or office when the people concerned have come to the conclusion that go he or she must. It is strange but true that truth and anger combined do not respect guns and bullets. The human mind and spirit are indomitable when fed up with social injustice with the miseries it brings about in a community, in a society, in a Country.

At this junction, it will be good to note that the so called “Silent Majority” does not stay silent all the time although they remain a majority. Even this qualified section of society rise up from their apathy and go into action the moment they become fed up with outrageous lying, vulgar cheating and blatant stealing to their misery and despair. When this happen, woe to the focus of their fury!

9 May 2008