Friday, May 30, 2008


All signals and indications say one and the same thing. The Malacañang occupant deeply loves and enjoys much the feeling of omnipotence with elements of omniscience as a complementary attribution. During these days there is even manifest design to consolidate more power and bigger might primarily by taking hold of three formidable instrumentalities: Command of money which is practically limitless. Force of arms whose former chiefs are made encompassing defense wall. Control of energy which is presently being fast consolidated in order to dominate commerce and industry. With the tenure and exercise of these three dominative factors, the same figure foresees that in this otherwise noble Country with a proud people, all heads shall bow in reverence and all knees shall bend in adoration—as a matter of course.

When someone claims to hear no less than the voice of God and also knows nothing less than the plan of God Himself, when the same has super-visions of things yet to come and grandiose projections for the a nation as far as year 2030, then it becomes logical that the subject person concerned basks in the realm of omnipotence plus the perk of infallibility to boor. This explains the rationale behind such vain moves in terms of the domineering “State of Emergency” the repressive “CPR”, the dominant “EO 464” and similar domineering ventures.

Never mind the unending litany of graft and corrupt practices. The ever increasing poverty, hunger and misery of the people are irrelevant. The continuous protest rallies, marches and demonstrations really mean nothing. And understandably enough, the less and less approval rating taken from the ground such as the latest minus 82%, actually means nothing to someone in cloud 9. One wonders what would it take to tell someone to know and accept gross failure, to realize and admit big rejection—and thereby to go and possibly disappear, and wherefore run away and run fast.

This is precisely what spells the predictable downfall and eventual collapse of any mere human having the illusions of grandeur and living the deluding danger of self-divinization. Even but considering the once famous national joke that life is “weather-weather only”, it is quite simple and readily evident that among mere humans, just as no one stays on the powerful top always, neither is anyone immortal—even with all the might, all the wealth, all the well paid cheer leaders plus much remunerated alleluia choirs notwithstanding.

Addiction to power is its own sure, heavy and just penalty. In principle, when nothing is ever enough for somebody, when ever more is continuously demanded to feed one’s ego, and when therefore there is no more distinction between falsity and truth, honesty and thievery, uprightness and injustice—these are fatal combinations as they are inherently self-destructive as well as strongly repulsive to everybody else.

Time and again in the course of the history of this country and elsewhere, the high and the mighty eventually fall from their pedestals by and large on account of popular deep disillusion and big discontent—big minus disapproval rating!

30 May 2008