Friday, May 23, 2008


Time and again, the sensitive reality and pursuant delicate issues about homosexuality—be this female but specially male distinct sexual orientation—come to fore, for one reason or another, on the occasion of this or that question. And more often than not, people feel and react differently, harbor nice or hurt feelings. Just as there must be some factors that people can agree about human sexuality in general, so too there are certain objective realities or ontological facts that are beyond biases and prejudices in conjunction with homosexuality—such as the following.

One: The intrinsic dignity of every human persons with the inalienable human rights thereto essentially appended—all these basic truths transcend human sexuality. In other words, all persons are fundamentally equal before the divine natural and positive laws—irrespective of their given sexuality.

Two: The mere sexuality of someone does not make him or her automatically a good or bad person, a saint or a sinner. More than just sex by itself, it is how, when and why this sexual constitution is made operative or acted on that in fact earns the person concerned his or ethical merit or demerit.

Three: The nature and contributions of every human person make him or her good, suitable or capable of certain agenda—although definitely not for everything. In the same way, the personality constitution or given condition of someone ill-equip him or her for some resolutions or actions—although certainly not for all professions or missions.

Above general principles forwarded, it might be right and proper to now specifically address the more concrete and relevant question regarding constitutional male or female homosexuality—not merely situational homosexuality nor simple effeminacy which are well distinct from strictly constitutional homosexuality.

Question: Would it be right for homosexuals to get married among themselves? Advisory: It might be both necessary and practical for them to ask if there could be a real effective conjugal union between them, notwithstanding all their honest designs and sincere desires to the contrary.

Question: Would it is right for homosexuals to become nuns or priests? Advisory: It might be not only wise but also prudent for them to consider if they have the genuine vocation to do so, considering in a special way, their particular psychologico-affective and pursuant emotional constitution.

Question: Would it be right for homosexuals to remain single, to stay as they are? Advisory: It might be more proper and relevant for them to know and pursue a satisfying and beneficial occupation or profession according to their inborn talents and/or acquired skills—instead of simply thinking about a given condition or state of life.

23 May 2008