Wednesday, April 02, 2008

someone is a saint

Now it is certain. Now it can be said. Someone is a saint! This affirmation is reasonable. This conclusion is acceptable. This judgment is praiseworthy. What a national pride! What an achievement for Filipino Catholics! What a blessing for the Church in the Philippines.

The following must be said: The IMPSA Deal did not happen. The Jose Pidal Account was a fable. The Macapagal Blvd. was a myth. The Piatco fiasco was a simple fabrication. The Fertilizer scam was only imagination. The Poll Computerization Contract was but a good story. The Jueteng payola for the 2004 Election was merely a fairytale. The Hello Garci Tapes were simply an invention. The North Rail and South Rail Projects were non-existent. The NBN-ZTE deal is pure hallucination. The following were not said in any way, at anytime, by anybody: “moderate their greed,” “She is evil,” “One lucky…”

Someone is a saint!

The following were not written: “The National Council of Churches in the Philippines has voiced its disgust over the worsening corruption in the country that is prevalent even in the highest levels of government.” (PDI, Nov 26, 2007). “We face today a crisis of truth and pervading cancer of corruption…We strongly condemn the culture of corruption from top to bottom.” (CBCP, 26 Feb 2008). We are unified in the belief that unless Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo resigns as President, our democratic future will remain hostage to the entrenched interests of her family and officials…” (Statement of the Faculty Members of the Ateneo de Manila University, Dep’t of Pol. Science, on the Political Crisis of the Arroyo Administration).

Someone is a saint!

The following were not published: “The moral bankruptcy of the Arroyo administration is an inerasable blemish on our history that even challenges the mega-corruption of the Marcos dictatorship.” “The notoriety of the Arroyo administration confirms the verdict of a foreign survey condemning the Philippines as among the most corrupt countries in Asia.” (PDI, Propaganda for the President, Separate Opinion, March 30, 2008). “GMA has shown us the limits of people power. We now know that as a moral force, people power will not succeed in shaming an amoral president.” (PDI, Forgetting EDSA II, Jan 19, 2008).

Someone is a saint!

God said” “You shall not kill…You shall not steal…” (Exodus 20:13, 15). Christ said: “if you hand or your feet make you sin, cut it off and throw it away” (Matthew 18:8). “Unless you repent, you will die…” (Luke 13:3). “Listen, then, if you have ears”. (Idem 13:9).

Is someone a saint?

2 April 2008