Monday, April 21, 2008

“a criminal syndicate masquerading as a government”

Truth to say, the above statement qualifying the ruling administration is not altogether right but neither it is completely wrong. It may not be altogether fair and just, considering the still good number of people in the present government. Yet, it may not be said either that there are no downright incumbent grossly corrupt and corrupting well identified officials in the same administration who have long since been deeply engaged in big continuous and profitable self-service—with consequent flagrant disservice to the citizens.

The above admittedly bitter definition and stinging description of the lead public agency in the Country has just been recently made by a common soldier. Nevertheless, his thought and conviction may not be simply dismissed for his lack of integrity and courage. He is not known for graft and corrupt practices. On the contrary, truth and conviction are on his side. He has long since stood for what is right and just. That is why he is haunted as a criminal—given neither rest nor space by this administration that is infuriated by truth and angered by justice.

The fact remains that under a leadership rated as the “most corrupt” and thus heading a country that was likewise described as one of the “most corrupt” nations in the globe. It is wherefore not surprising that someone who belongs to the AFP as defender of the people sees the present government as nothing more than as merely masquerading criminal syndicate. Reason: The national leadership with the collaboration of its close and trusted allies has entered in one too many errant deals and erring contracts—to the point of practically making the country for sale as far as its people and lands and even islands are concerned.

One wonders how much power someone must have to feel secure, how much wealth should somebody accumulate to feel having enough. One also wonders what would it take to shame a leader, to aptly say that less and less people trust and accept the same—with more and more of them wherefore demonstrating their communal anger and consequent rejection thereof. The ultimate question is what would make a distrusted and disrespected leader eventually give up, ultimately leave office, forever go away.

True to say: These are the times that try people’s soul—their understanding, patience and apathy even. Up to when are they willing to stand down and stay still, to suffer in hunger and destitution? Up to what extent can they bare the spectacle of much rhetoric with no substance, the proclivity to superlatives with but diminutive in reality and delivery? How much lies, cheating and stealing are they still willing to hear, still prepared to bear?

When even such a basic national need and fundamental requirement as rice is now wanting under the incumbent national leadership, it becomes very difficult for people to have a long bearable present. Much less could they possibly, expect a better future under the government. As the country exports people, it imports rice. What happened to the millions of hectares of rice land? Where have all the billions of pesos intended for fertilizer and irrigation, gone?

Is it true after all that the People of the Philippines have nothing more than a criminal syndicate simply masquerading as a government?

21 April 2008