Wednesday, March 05, 2008

support for a cost

It has to be not simply conceded but accordingly admitted that the present Malacañang occupant still has a good number of followers and supporters. By and large, they come from the House of Representatives and the Local Government Officials—not to mention those simple people who are beneficiaries of her beneficial attention. This reality should not be automatically disdained much less condemned. Reason: It is a political reality that beneficiaries cannot but be grateful to their benefactor such as precisely in terms of being counted among the latter’s loyal followers and avid supporters.

Such reality has a special relevance to the Filipino culture of the famous or infamous norm of “Utang ng Loob”—for the right or wrong reasons, in the area of reality and sincerity or in the realm of falsity and hypocrisy. With the ever growing disapproval rating of the ruling administration on account of its already known and still unrevealed flagrant graft and corrupt practices, it has become more and more trying and exasperating to count on its honesty and integrity. And this precisely brings to fore the living reality that the loyalty to and support for the incumbent holder of the highest office in the land, are in fact for a big cost—definitely not for a cause.

This explains rather well the following socio-political phenomenon. One, the incumbent national leader needs and seeks more and more funds to buy or pay for its continuing affirmation and defense by a good number of local and national officials in the country. Two, the same otherwise noble and honorable key public official in fact exploits the many poor people in the country to count on their gratitude and adulation by giving them groceries, certificates of one kind or another, and other forms of largess. Three, exactly the same discredited and despised administration head drops anyone and everyone who is no longer subservient or useful.

Time may be shortly coming when the sad and ominous shout of “Abandon ship!” might be heard, loud and clear. At times, the cry for such a terminal move may not be even made, but simply done and openly witnessed. This has no deliberate reference to the cruel phenomenon that rats instinctively abandon a sinking ship. Instead, it is merely stating that support for a cost—for the right price—only remains when the due payments keep coming in due time. Otherwise, the props and buttresses for the payer go crumbling down. On the other hand, support for a cause is selfless, firm and lasting—even without any payment of any kind.

The on-going SUPPORT FOR A COST in favor of the Malacañang occupant is well understandable—given the following pretty long scandal and corruption list: Philippine Communications Clearing House. APC Wireless Interface Network. JocJoc Bolante. Gen. Garcia. Jose Pidal. D.M. Boulevard. Fiatco. North and South Railways. DepEd Textbooks, DND Helicopters. BOC XRay Machines. Comelec Megapacific Computers. Hello Garci. NBN ZTE. The “commissions” made were much. The continuous cover-up payments given are enormous. The desired loyalty and coveted support are indeed very costly.

5 March 2008