Monday, March 03, 2008


The call, invitation or demand for someone to resign from an elective office is basically premised on three factors, viz., first, the assumption that the person concerned is a legitimately elected official; second, the conviction that the same has betrayed the inherent nature and goal of the office; third, the perception that primarily on account of the gratifying status and profitable nature of the office, the one holding it precisely refuses to give it up, hates even but the thought of vacating the high beneficial position.

As to the issue of legitimacy, there is a saying that all assumptions are false. This simply means that truth emerges from fact, and that fact comes from truth—not from mere assumption. Any presupposition no matter how strongly assumed, is not necessarily either the truth or the fact. Concretely in the case of the considered President of the land, the “Hello, Garci?” tapes combined with the “I am sorry” claim, still constitute a reasonable cause that puts in positive doubt the legitimacy of the present MalacaƱang occupant. While the issue is already nauseating, and while the question of a duly elected President may have been relegated to the dust bin, this in no way makes the assumption either true or factual.

As to the question of the betrayal of the nature and goal of the office of the presumed President, this is already a given—considering the big number of unconscionable corruption and shameful national scandals directly and indirectly appended to the office holder. It is not for nothing that the same official received the label as the most corrupt President the country ever has. This is precisely the reason why the so much popular dissent and anger brewing in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Such is the concrete cause of the now on going fervent rallies and long marches that are progressively increasing not only in frequency but also in the number of participants.

As to the issue of the adamant refusal of someone to resign from the assumed presidential office, this is neither hard to explain nor difficult to understand. The strong addiction to power, the ready availability of practically unlimited public funds plus the great convenience of immunity from suit—all these are the prime considerations that make resignation a distant option. After so many years of feeling at the center of the world and standing no less than on top of the Filipino people, all these are certainly not the premises of resigning from the exalted and exalting presidential office. While it is quite easy, really exiting and great fun for a common tao to become a princess, reversing the process is not only difficult but also odious.

These are the times when the following agenda are frequently heard and done: Communal Actions. Another kind of People Power. Searches for truth. Masses for justice and accountability. Interfaith prayer rallies. Appearances and conferences of credible key whistle blowers. While al these now popular agenda appear in different nature and form, all of them however eventually carry and loudly shout one and the same message. RESIGN!

3 March 2008