Wednesday, March 26, 2008

money! money! money!

There is profound wisdom behind the saying, “Money is a good slave but a bad master”. This truth is well-anchored in the continuing and lasting empirical experience of individuals, communities and whole nations as recorded by human history. When money is worshipped instead of just being used which is materialism, piled up rather than spreading it around which is greed, pursued irrespective of the ways and means which is covetousness any and all of these errant value system and consequent actions ultimately mean trouble—very big trouble especially for the poor, helpless, depressed.

Even the centuries old Sacred Scriptures already recorded the big and lasting nausea brought about by repulsive episodes the Lord Jesus Himself underwent on account of greed and its close relative which is covetousness. There was that occasion when an angry Christ made a whip and drove away the money changers from the Temple. It would be hard to forget that Judas betrayed the Christ for 30 pieces of silver. And when already dying on the cross, the soldiers made wagers in exchange for His clothing. This is how evil people can become because of money.

Up to and specially these times in this not only impoverish but even miracle country basically on account of a morally bankrupt government, money remains the root of all evil.

Infamous election operators and manipulators, long standing and continuing graft and corrupt practices. Invincible drug cartels and gambling consortia. Even present criminal syndicates and money launderings. Customary commissions and “tongpats”. Smuggling and piracy as a matter of course.

Debt accumulation by the government at the expense of the citizens. Selling of local natural resources at the joy of foreigners. Export of workers no matter the danger to their lives and limbs, honor and dignity. Exploitation of women and children. Buy and sale of human organs.

No need to mention the fertilizer money used for maintaining cemented highways, the most expensive boulevard in the world as if it were paved with gold, the never ending tele-novela of an airport fiasco, the most generous gift-giving in the Palace from nowhere, the very profitable broadband that never was—and on and on and on.

But lo and behold, Malacañang persists in asking for evidence as if what is already evident still demands proof. And there are certain individuals who still do not know the truth and who wherefore have nothing to denounce about an administration that is repeatedly rated as corrupt, more corrupt and most corrupt—an administration therefore that has neither credibility nor respectability, being long since divested of money ascendancy to lead, to rule, to govern. Reason: MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!

26 March 2008