Friday, March 07, 2008

“God spoke to me!”

It started rather well. The perceived culprit eventually left Malacañang. His constitutional successor took the reign of governance. In fact, not only during the latter’s public and official swearing into office were the people feel rewarded by their crusade and jubilant in their victory. The truth is that Filipinos became even more impressed and gratified when the then incumbent successor Chief Executive likewise publicly and officially said that running for elections for the Office of the President in 2004 was not an option. The possible presidential candidacy was graciously waived for three dear and endearing reasons, viz., to unite the people, to improve the economy, to revamp the Comelec.

Had the admirable personal decision been kept and the selfless pronouncement been observed, the Philippines could have been a blessed Country and the Filipinos might have been a fortunate people. Then EDSA 2 would have been a much treasured phenomenon and a continuously remembered socio-moral success. Then People Power could have been a much inspiring and edifying reality for the Filipinos to recall and for the world to remember with awe and admiration. The Nation today might be free of increasing popular dissent, loud and repeated calls for the resignation of the now considered over-staying Malacañang occupant.

But sooner than later, a markedly different song was heard and a very disturbing claim was made. The successor said: I am running for the Presidency. The reason given: God told me! And the way of the cross for Juan de la Cruz started. Among the thorns immediately placed and the nails deeply driven into the heart and soul of the Filipino people were the odious Garci tapes – something even made much worst by the much rehearsed claim of false sorrow. The former were hideous. The latter was repulsive. To these days, the passion of the nation continues. The crucifixion of the people endures. Their pains are deep. Their cries are loud.

And it all began with the supreme vanity or downright blasphemy of “GOD SPOKE TO ME!” – with the over-all clincher after the highly suspect 2004 presidential election “God placed me here!”. The rest is an ignominious chapter of Philippine history still in the making. Would that it might eventually have a redeeming end.

For normal individuals, it is a grave moral blunder to invoke the name of God in vain. Those who do so, ultimately pay very dearly for it – together with all those whose lives are impacted by their blasphemous crime and consequent censurable behavior. But for abnormal persons, the Good Lord is compassionate. He knows better. He readily understands. No moral liability is appended to the abnormal. In such an unfortunate case, no personal guilt is incurred, and no social penalty is imposed.

Lesson: As a matter of principle, people should immediately shun any politician who claims that God talks to her or him! This is a dangerous gambit, a fatal claim.

7 March 2008