Monday, March 24, 2008

easter sunday spirit

A celebration of life, a victory of good, a message of hope. These and much more are the signal teaching of Easter Sunday. Death gave way to life, suffering led to rejoicing, integrity triumphed over viciousness, divine truth conquered human falsity and unmasked the face of evil people—all these and other fundamental realities are distinctly forwarded by nothing less than the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

Woe to those who think that they can perpetuate their exploitative rule, can get away with a life wallowing in graft and corruption practices, who oppress and trample upon the rights of others as a matter of course. Wretched are those who are addicted to power, who are greedy of wealth to pay for their authority and to buy their influence. Pitiful are those who feel that the world is turning around them, that the nation is at their feet and the people are their footstool. All these detestable behavioral patterns are composite futility because they are all in the realm of delusional vanity.

On the occasion of the Holy Week, instead of examining their consciences and amending their lives—understandably, not few of the Malacañang functionaries said in so many words and expressions that the Holy Week already put an end to the gatherings, marches and rallies against the administration. For one thing, the thousands of fervent, informed and active college students were on their break. At the same time, more thousands of simple people together with professionals and many more thousands of concerned citizens were observing the culmination of the Lenten Season.

But as expected, certain Malacañang loyal allies were instead contemplating basically on self-serving political thoughts and pursuant partisan self-preserving interests. That was why they sadly fail to read the writing in the wall that the anti-Malacañang onslaughts have just barely began. It is probable to their big dismay that yesterday, on no less than Easter Sunday itself, there appeared a half-page “Statement” in a known national daily with the title “Reclaiming Our Power As A People.”

In the spirit of the time, it ended saying: “In this season of hope,. We call on President Arroyo to resign—as a first step in the direction of political and institutional reform…” At first sight, the Statement might have appeared uncalled for it not downright irreverent, considering the inherent sanctity of Resurrection Sunday. On second thought however, the substance of the text and context of the Statement was precisely in line with the everlasting hope and living truths inculcated by the glorious day.

Be what it may, it is certain that the Administration faithful followers concerned must have been caught by surprise by the hard-hitting and no-holds barred message of the Statement—or most probably angered by it. But whatever worth they gave it, now they know only too well that theirs was an empty wish. The socio-moral storm has just began!

24 March 2008