Friday, February 29, 2008

think positive

Time and again, sincere and genuine efforts are deliberately exerted to think positive and to speak well about the present government, the ruling administration, the MalacaƱang occupants. In plain and simple language, this is an honest and persistent endeavor in order to joyfully discover and proudly speak of what is true and honest, admirable and commendable, virtuous and exemplary about the national leadership which has already been in governance for some six long years. In short, this is an affirmative venture to see the good plus the best in the words and deeds of the incumbent “NUMERO UNO” in the country whose acts of commission and omission cannot have but have their big and lasting impact on the present and the future of the Filipino people.

Needless to say, there has been and there is still the repeated mention of the practically endless litany of hideous graft and corrupt practices, anomalous transactions and fraudulent deals—all clearly and loudly attributed to the national leadership with the company of its ever loyal allies presumably for certain big, fat and regular considerations. Tri-Media are certainly not wanting in their daily broadcasts, telecasts and newspapers—not only for local but also international consumption. This is why even Filipinos in foreign lands and distant soils remain well informed of apparently unending bad news in the Philippines. And this is why the time has come to assiduously look for, note well and emphasize much the truly good news about and from MalacaƱang.

After much reflection and deep soul-searching, there seem to be at most three apparent positive features that can be predicated of and appended to the highest office holder in the land: First is its vision. Second is its dedication. And third is its determination.

VISION: It has to be admitted that the Chief Executive is visionary. There is the projection of “super regions”—not to mention the contemplation of “super maids”. Furthermore there is the prediction of the Philippines being a “first world country: by 2030. Meantime, there is the continuous forecast of avowed elimination of graft and corruption on government. REACTION: No comment.

DEDICATION: It has to be conceded that the said national public servant is busy inaugurating a road, a school, a water pump here and there. There is also much time spent in going from one province to another, inclusive of one Country to another to the extent of having chartered flights with family members and dear friends, inclusive of lodging in the finest foreign hotels—to promote Philippine economy. RESPONSE: No need!

DETERMINATION: It has to be accepted that the same national public figure is determined to exercise any possible authority, to use ordinary and extraordinary powers, to use all the available resources for one distinct and determined goal—to stay in office until 2010 and beyond. COMMENT: What for?

29 February 2008