Wednesday, February 20, 2008

malacañang telenovela

The Malacanang Telenovela has been showing in national tri-media for a good number of years. It began in 2004 and remains a big popular favorite up to these days. It is admittedly long. Yet it continues to gather a consistently top rating. At times it is dragging but people still want more of it. It has a very poorly written script—one chapter after another. This is why the fantastic story is at times funny but more often disgusting. It has several sets of characters: One small set of heroes and another big cast of villains. While the former come in different persons with the same admirable trait of veracity and laudable roles, the latter appear through many individuals with one standard of a twisted value system with their despicable portrayals.

In primetime national TV and radio stations, in front page headlines carried by national broadsheets as well as tabloid publications, the Malacañang show is a consistent top grosser. It is the constant material of investigative journalists. The truth is that it has already become a spicy big hit for international consumption. Even for this reason alone, it is highly improvable that Uncle Sam himself is not watching it carefully and taking notes about the present more intriguing chapter of the Palace spectacular.

It all then started with the "Hello, Garci?" Chapter. Hereafter and fast tracking, the continuation eventually came with the Chapter "Back Off!" which is still now on-going. After intently watching its horrible exhibition of intense greed and extensive avarice, many people—young and old, rich and poor, professional and unschooled—are so repulsed by it that they are gradually moving to put a big period to the whole dirty plot. Meantime, Malacañang is pinning and agonizing. In fact, it is in its inventive mode, thinking much how to escape from its self-made trap, trying hard to do one futile remedial act after another.

No matter how and when the Malacañang Telenovela ends, one thing remains certain, viz., it is definitely a riveting serial of consummate graft and gross corruption in, of and by the government for all Filipinos to watch in living colors, to read in striking headlines. Some people say that it is not really surprising if the series get a gold medal in crookedness and fraudulence. After all, rightly or wrongly, the principal character in it already got the top though non-coveted award of the "Most Corrupt." In fact, it was just recently said that, worthily or unworthily, the same character has already been qualified as "Evil" by someone close to and working for the same.

"AS THE STOMACH TURNS"—this can very well be the very appropriate and truly descriptive title of the grand presentation of the national leadership and allied dramatis personae. But that notwithstanding, it might not be a bad idea to publicly launch a nationwide contest for the best title to the still unfolding Malacañang drama. Considering the loathsome central theme of the much upsetting presentation, there appears to be no limit as to how nauseating and revolting its title can be. After all, it’s a no-holds-barred reality.

Come what may, the story is bound to have a "The End"— someday, somehow.

20 February 2008