Friday, February 22, 2008

malacañang dirty tricks department

There goes once more a paranoid administration, a nervous government, a panicky chorale of consummate pro-Malacañang government agencies. Once more, people are witnessing with amusement and aversion, their faulty strategies and miserably written dialogues. There is the attempt to change the color of the dark clouds hovering in the Palace skies. There as well is the venture to stop the strong winds of dissent and resentment blowing in other places of the country. Hence: The Malacañang Dirty Tricks Department is again up and about, already at work and in high gear.

The present huge socio-moral predicament of Malacañang all started with the downright abduction of someone by certain characters passionately pretending to be his security and rescue. But the pitifully staged melodramatic presentation of love and concern for the one abducted, badly fell apart not long after. Hence, not only the abducted but also his abductors eventually found themselves before a no nonsense Senate hearing. Here, the latter goofed, faltered, twisted in their seats. But giving-up is not exactly in their program. The pro-administration public officials are still at it, trying hard to reverse the big fiasco they committed. Meantime, the people in general are feasting on old and overused antics of Malacañang inspired and funded cover-ups, big money baits, cheap tricks and other corrupting efforts.

In a nutshell, the entire Malacañang Dirty Tricks Department is up against a good singer and a right song. The Department heads and their subservient agents want the singer to be either silenced or put to shame. In the same way, they want the song to be out of tune or simply forgotten. But to their dismay and frustration, the singer continues to sing in tune loud and clear, just as his song continues to be appreciated and applauded in practically all parts of the land as a big hit. Contrary to the maxim "Not the singer but the song," in this particular case, it is both "The signer and the song" that are tops respectively, in credibility and melody.

This is why to these days, the brute-power loaded antics of the Malacañang Dirty Tricks Department notwithstanding, the person of the hour and his story of the moment are slowly but surely gathering the patronage of more and more people from all sectors of society. And their "communal action" has begun here and there, in the days before and ahead. When and how this progressive and popular community mobilization will end, no one can really be certain. There are nevertheless three basic truths forwarded by the phenomenon. One, one can fool some people at times, but not all the people and always. Two, crime does not pay whereas the criminal pays dearly in time. Three, where there is smoke, there is fire to the extent of a conflagration at times.

It might be good and proper to point out that the CBCP Call for "communal action" is in fact anchored on the sound and sanctified Christian principle of "Ora et labora." That is to say, there is an inseparable paring in the call, viz., prayer and action. The usual popular translation of this old and hallowed maxim is the following: Pray as if everything depended on God. Act as if everything depended on you.

22 February 2008