Monday, February 18, 2008

greed, corruption, poverty

GREED is a consuming and unquenchable vice. In fact, it becomes even more treacherous when the greedy happens to exercise key public power. There is nothing more anti-social in character trait than when someone is both greedy as well for wealth. This is exactly the case when power is used to have more money, and money in turn is used to have more lasting power. This is when this combined perverse mind-set plus will–frame become both a big malady for the person concerned and a fatal disaster for people involved.

CORRUPTION accompanies greed as a matter of course. With unbridled greed, base corrupt acts and practices become unlimited in extent, disgusting in degree and repulsive in persistence. This is when social amorality effectively sets in. Right or wrong has reference only to whether the illicit gain is considered satisfactory or insufficient. Good or evil is simply a criterion—depending only if the crooked transaction is concealed or discovered, kept as a dark secret or subjected to public exposé. This is the way of gangsters, the modus of crooks, the style of goons.

POVERTY is the inevitable deadly consequence of incarnate greed and ingrained corruption. The marked scarcity of work and livelihood, the perennial shortage of housing and clothing, the well felt want of food and medicine—plus ineffective educational system and insufficient public service—all these are the infallible primary products of serious and pervasive man-made poverty. It is not really impossible that greedy and corrupt powerful governing characters purposely want to keep their constituency poor to keep them in virtual slavery and subservience.

GREED-CORRUPTION-POVERTY have always been a social-devastating trio whose eventual by-products are the same—the word over: Public resentment and popular dissent usually building up as a fearful social volcano ready for explosion to get rid of official greed and corruption, and thereby vanquish national poverty. This is the standard anatomy of society with insatiable avaricious and unprincipled key governing officials causing misery and havoc among the governed.

The COUNTRY is the exact living exhibit of the above-said three-in-one ravaging combination. Poor Filipinos! Pitiful Philippines! Who will redeem them? What will make them stand once more with rightful pride and worthy dignity? Take courage! Be hopeful! Not once but twice, you were freed from long oppression and looting of public coffers. Now once more, your hopelessness appears at its end. A more serious and deliberate COMMUNAL ACTION has begun.

PHILIPPINES—clap and rejoice! Your liberation is on hand!

18 February 2008