Friday, February 15, 2008

GMA resignation mission impossible

It is understandable that more groups. Organizations and movements are now in mobilization mode for one and the same finality: To ask and insist for the resignation of the malacanang occupant. They may have different moral reasons and economic considerations for doing so, even divergent socio-political persuasions for thus acting. But they have one and the same fundamental over-all finality: Enough of quasi-interminable big scandalous transaction and corrupt practices on the part of the incumbent administration under the baton and control of the chief executive.

One thing appear certain, viz, since the post-election highly questionable day of 2004 to the present turbulent times, the national leadership has been justly accused and rightly perceived as the over-all cause of the people's suffering, all to the loss of public welfare. In fact the said highest official in the land has been ranked as a “most corrupt president” after the disgraceful rating of the country as one of the likewise brazenly corrupt nations in the continent or in the world to the dishonor and disgrace of millions of honest and upright Filipinos. For this ignominious reasons and the other substantially the same odious acts and practices of this administrations, tenable national surveys saw the latter as less and less credible through a lower and lower approval rating.

Recently, on the occasion of the ZTE-NBN disastrous and callous caper, something funny came to fore, viz, the creation of a new and interesting species of the “kidnap me” kind drama. It was all over the papers that no less than the eventually most accountable, most dominant and dominating-key figure involved asked for some “investigation" on the grand corruption. The principal “investigators” were named. The marching orders were given. A sort of a deadline was said to have been made. Needles to say, all these constitute one plain and clear diversionary tactic.

Be that as it may, without necessarily questioning the honesty and integrity of those “investigating” the ZTE-NBN open debacle, one can only wonder up to what extent the “investigative” inquiry would go, how high in the government hierarchy it would reach. And most important of all: What would be its final report? Who would take it seriously? Who would buy it as factual and truthful?

Meantime, the CBCP call to “communal action” was made. More and more rallies are scheduled. More and more clamors for “GMA resign” are heard. The “Let us move on” mantra is no longer heard. The “Business as usual” signage is no longer acted. And question remains: Will there be a resignation? Is this not asking for the moon? Would this be but a “Mission Impossible”? There was one thing that proved constant in the then well watched TV series. This: There were pains and hurts. There were fears and loses. But as a rule, the mission was accomplished one way or another.

15 February 2008