Monday, January 14, 2008

woes in value formation

In these disturbed and disturbing times in the country, the children and the youth are pitiful victims in many ways, for so long a time. This is not only on account of the plague of poverty and misery a good number of them suffer from—such that not long ago a young girl went to the extent of committing suicide primarily on account of hopelessness in pursuing her studies. This is neither simply about their consequent predisposition to sickness vis-à-vis their usual non-access to public welfare. Nor is this merely by reason of the downright killings, the exploitation of women and children, the proliferation of prohibited drugs and many other criminal acts they hear if not actually witnessed.

There is in fact the marked domestic liability a good number of Filipino children and youth experience daily for difficult and long time-spans. This is the depressing continuous absence of their fathers and/or mothers from their homes who have to seek whatever available employment they can find abroad—not minding the dangers therein, inclusive of practically slavery situations. For one reason or another, it has been established that relatively few families become financially stable of OFW remittances. And in the event that this domestic material sufficiency becomes a reality, the children and youth still suffer from psycho-emotional instability.

But the big and profound woes of both parenting at home and teaching in schools are the continuous spectacle of flagrant graft and corruption especially among many high-profile public officials in the land. Add hereto the reality that the rich, powerful and influential manage to be above the law such that only the poor and the helpless are brought to prison and stay there. In other words, very bad examples of dishonesty and deceit are amply provided by a good number of infamous elders as a matter of course. And the ample moral garbage thrown by these characters is definitely destructive of the right and sound value formation of children and young people in the country.

The big predicament of parents and educators is the glaring fact that the children and youth are taught what is right, true and just at home and in schools—while they behold the public and even proud display of gross dishonesty and vulgar duplicity in their cities and municipalities, in the regions and in the nation. Instead of being simply disoriented, they in effect become misguided and deformed. The worst part of this sick socio-moral acclimation is this: When these children and young people become adults themselves, they will make their country pay dearly for their twisted value system. And this is neither amusing nor funny to think about and expect.

14 January 2008