Monday, January 07, 2008

sinister years

Philippine History is certainly not without its sinister years, i.e., specific time frames that have either caused serious and lasting socio-moral turbulence in the political situation of the country, or foreseen to bring about much disturbing and enduring political liabilities with alarming immoral undertones with big adverse impact all over the land. With malice towards none but with truth in mind, the marked suffering of the people in the recent past years and the already perceived distinct political disorder yet to come some two years from today, can be thus noted—more for remembrance and caution than simply a pessimist approach.


This otherwise apparently promising year all began when Filipinos were then rejoicing for the exit of a profoundly disgraced and effectively dismissed Chief Executive. Replaced according to the Constitution by his second in rank, there was reasonable national anticipation of ethical revival and moral recovery in national governance. This great expectation was in fact further enhanced with the official pronouncement made precisely during the National Hero's Day by the successor of the eventually impeached President. She loudly and clearly renounced the pursuit of the presidential office. Reasons invoked: To unite the people. To undertake electoral reform. To work for national development.

But not long after the popular rejoicing and clapping for such an apparently generous and even heroic option, some kind of an alleged miracle or a vague mystical event happened. The same subject party claimed that no less than God spoke to her. This was even supposedly followed by the advisory of a Pope—who was in fact then already dead. The avowed over-all heavenly message was that she must run for the Office of the President because the Nation needed her. And again, in the spirit of a proclaimed heroic decision, she did. Thus began the painful and pitiful calvary of the Filipino people.


This was a bad, bad, bad year. Would that it were possible to forget this year, to remove it altogether from Philippine History. But there were events that took place in full view of the people, not to mention with full details and in full color. Lest it become too cruel to national memory, it will be enough to mention but three famous—or quite infamous—quotations that say: "Hello, Garci!" "I am sorry." "Noted". And that is enough to make people cry or laugh, to launch a thousand and one funny or sick text messages.


Enough to say that this forthcoming year though still far ahead, is already creating a good amount of worries and fears. There is no stopping it from coming. In the same way, neither is there the least certitude about the good or the evil national and local politics have in store for the people. One thing is sure: The year can be anything but promising in social justice and peace.

7 January 2008