Friday, January 18, 2008

looking for god

Now few people are looking for God—searching for His reality, asking for His presence. No, they are not questioning either their faith as a whole nor their belief in God in particular. They only feel somehow dismayed when God does not show His omnipotent power even when people are at their worst, much less does He demonstrate His anger towards capital sinners running around and bringing havoc to society. In the presence of evil men and women, many people simply feel somehow at a loss when God is precisely absent and nowhere to be found.

Where is God when some known personalities continuously lie, steal and cheat as a matter of course? Where is the Lord when some characters commit graft and corruption as if there were no tomorrow? Where is God when some hideous individuals provide gambling for the gullible, make addicts by selling drugs, make money by marketing women and children? Where is the Lord when the powerful and the influential have fun killing or abducting people? Where is He?

Where is God when those in tenure of power or in possession of guns degrade human dignity and violate human rights? Where is the Lord when the poor is degraded and the weak trampled upon? Where is God when more and more people have less to eat while big fact industrial sharks take away even the food from the mouth of the hungry and the sick? Where is the Lord when public officials become more crooked and bigger crooks the higher they climb in the hierarchy of government? Where is He?

How come God does not bring to justice even the worst criminals in the Country preying on the weak and the helpless? How come the Lord does not bring to damnation these scum of the earth and the moral garbage of society? How come God does not punish those who take advantage of little people while worshipping the wealthy and the mighty, who engage in continuous big smuggling of black gold and top of the line cars, who make fun of the law and merely laugh at lawmen? How come God does not do something—anything?

The problem is not really with God but with those asking the questions. In fact, they already know the answers long since but they simply forget it. But it is good that they remember the truths told them so many times over.

When people look for the God of justice, they forget that He is also the Lord of mercy. When they ask for a God of punishment, they forget that He is also the Lord of forgiveness. When they seek the God of condemnation, they forget He is also the Lord salvation. In other words, it belongs to God whom to punish or forgive, whom to condemn or save—when and how. This is in the domain of God, not the business of man.

With neither malice nor ill-will, there is a tendency for people to create the god they want, to fashion the lord to their own faulty image, to make god fit their wrong wishes and faulty demands. How true is the saying that the ways of man are not exactly the ways of God! How sound is the truth that God knows more than any man. And that's it as otherwise it can't be,

18 January 2008