Monday, December 31, 2007

year ender

The year past—and so with the years before since 2004—was anything but good, productive, peaceful. But neither does the year ahead appears hopeful for the people nor promising for the country. If the lamentable truth has to be told, it is the Filipinos who look after their own individual family welfare, work for the common good and keep the Philippine economy afloat by their individual and aggregate efforts plus local and foreign ventures. This is the standing reality although their present government instead makes their living onerous by exacting from them all conceivable direct and indirect taxes only to give them back not even the minimum required by public service.

It is a well known fact that the incumbent national leadership has a good number of avowed enemies. In the last analysis, these are not really the opposition, neither the activities and dissenters nor even the separatist and downright revolutionaries. Its formidable opponents particularly in the year past were the following—not necessarily in the order of their perceived and noted gravity and eventual implications:

First: its rather grandiose self-appreciation that was productive of magnificent promises and visionary predictions. But as usual, what was simply in the cloud did not happen on the ground. It projected the unity of the people who were instead deeply divided. It vowed great economic development which was in fact impeded by enormous foreign debts it incurred. It promised electoral reforms which in effect made one big electoral deformation and disaster.

Second: It fomented the culture of corruption like nobody else in the recent Philippine history. It acquired the expertise of transactional politics synonymously to personal convenience and advantages. It practically destroyed the democratic system of checks and balances. It made its tenure of public power dependent on the fire power.

Third: It demeaned the human person, offended human dignity and violated human rights. Thus came to fore the disgusting extra-judicial killings and despicable forced disappearances. The poor have been exploited while oppression was the lot of the helpless. It droved not only the simple workers but also the professionals out of the country which they saw as hopeless,

And what about the new year ahead? While it would be unrealistic to say that the above deeply rooted maladies would then simply disappear, the following good news may be rightfully proclaimed: The Filipinos will continue to move forward in favor of their family good, community benefit, national welfare. The People will continue to bear the burden, exercise patience, keep the peace until they no longer can.

31 December 2007