Wednesday, December 26, 2007

thank God for Christmas

Christmas is simply great. It is both unique and significant. It brings fun and joy, jokes and laughter. There is nothing like it really--especially so for Catholic and Christian nations. It means more lights, more songs and usually more food too. Setting aside theological profundities and pious thoughts for the moment, what are the really wonderful realities that Christmas brings? These are good to know even the non-observant Catholics, for non-practicing Christians, for people of other creeds.

The first truly great good Christmas brings is the glow in the eyes of children, the happiness they feel, the joy they experience. There must be millions of children in the country who got the toys they wanted, who received new shoes and clothes to wear, who had some good food to eat. Add hereto more millions of poor children who in one way or another had been benefited by the blessings of Christmas given to them by caring individuals, generous religious and civic organizations, not to mention companies of good will. Children are tops in the love of their parents, the concern of their neighbors, the care of adults!

And there are the many millions of families who got together, enjoyed some time by themselves, exchanged little gifts, partook of a home meal with contentment and smiles. In the spirit of Christmas, spouses forgive one another, brothers and sisters make peace with each other, relatives renew their closeness. Especially, among Filipinos, the family is number one in affection, attention and care.

There are those thousands of Filipinos who share their time, talent and treasure to the less fortunate brothers and sisters, to needy and hungry children in particular. Christmas make them generous and neighborly, more attentive to others who have less in life. The awakening of the living and practical relationship between those who have more as benefactors and those who have less as beneficiaries, is much rekindled by Christmas.

And there as well are the orphanages and prisons that get their portions of the benefits brought about by Christmas. These are institutions that have their share of the spirit and blessings of the Season. They receive extra visitors for the occasion—bringing them the cheers and the goodies of the season. Even but for some days, the orphans and the prisoners are reminded that not all people have forgotten them.

Lastly, for the one reason or another, Christmas brings peace even among nations at war, among fighting groups in a country. This is one truth that is precious not only for humanity as a whole, but also for a nation that is so deeply divided where deadly weapons come to play. In a way, marvelous phenomenon is understandable because it is said what on the night of Christmas, the angels sang “Glory to God in the highest and peace to men of good will.”

Christmas is so good that in the event that there is none, people invent it.

26 December 2007