Monday, December 17, 2007

"GMA most corrupt president"

With the greatly resented, much maligned and even downright condemned Marcos Presidency as reference point, Pulse Asia recently published its findings that the ruling administration is the most corrupt of all national leaderships. A broadsheet in its front page even had this sub-title written: "She's worse than Marcos” in line with the finding of the same survey firm. With such unnerving, disconcerting and depressing public depreciation of the present MalacaƱang occupant, whose legitimacy continues to be even haunted by strong public denunciations, and against whom impeachments complaints keep on being filed one after another, it becomes more and more difficult to play numb and act dumb about such national bad news with international replays.

Truth to say, the survey finding while detestable and unnerving, is neither altogether surprising nor absolutely unacceptable. Considering the really detestable things the office holder concerned has brazenly done in the past six years and attending as well to its many sublime promises that brazenly remain undone to this date, it would be incongruous to expect that the Survey conclusion would not reflect such an odious or repugnant corruption rating. What would be really unexpected if not truly funny is if the Survey found the same national leadership as the "Most honest President" or if the same broadsheet would write "She's is the best since Marcos" as a banner story.

Be that as it may, the more important and relevant issue is if the holder of the highest Office in the land would have the will and resolve, would find the way and the time to reverse such a demeaning and embarrassing assessment. Never mind if less and less Filipinos trust her governance, while more and more of them raise their disapproval of her leadership. Never mind even that many surveys made by different firms in different times, by and large arrive at the same very negative findings about the performance of the same national leader. Again, the more significant and urgent question is regarding the imperative "Moral Revolution" called by the Speaker of the House in response to the spectacle of a "morally bankrupt" government proclaimed by the CBCP President.

Realistically speaking, the remaining two years to govern, to rule or reign as the case may be—presumably up to 2010—appear too short and too restrictive for the same public official to effect a drastic change in her governance for the better, to reverse her appalling performance specially in the area of graft and corruption, and more concretely in the sphere of honesty, integrity and propriety. Short of saying hers is a hopeless case, there appears to be already too many skeletons in her closet, too many conspirators at her back, too many moral garbage all around her. But even a worse scenario is possible, viz., if and when through a Charter Change or by the Declaration of National State of Emergency a.k.a. Martial Law, her administration continues beyond the critical year of 2010.

Meantime, the nation suffers and the Filipinos lament. Meanwhile, the present is sinister and the future is uncertain. Thank God there is God!

17 December 2007