Wednesday, December 05, 2007

9 practical commandments

The recent episode that appeared big in imagination yet in fact ended, as a matter of fact, left profound past images and as well as new insights. While the same saga brought fear and apprehension, it is not without its after-thought elements of levity. The truth is according to the Filipino spirit of making fun about uncommon happening—probably to lighten their every heavy burden in their day-to-day living—there are already a good number of funny if not biting commentaries brought about by the same initially impressive occasion. Without the least intention of casting aspersion at anyone and with the famous handbook on “The Art of War” in hand, the following could be the Nine Practical Commandments brought about by the Makati saga.

1st Commandment:
Thou shall keep in mind that one picks a fight to win and not to lose, in the same way that one wages a war to win and not to surrender.

2nd Commandment:
Thou shall never even think that going to war is just marching well and talking much, merely posturing here and posing there.

3rd Commandment:
Thou shall make reservations in a plush hotel only to rest and to have a good time, not to wage war.

4th Commandment:
Thou shall not forget to first count your friends and supporters vis-à-vis the number and strength of the defenders of your enemy.

5th Commandment:
Thou shall assure that your back is well covered, your possible exits well known, and the ceremonial of your surrender well pre-undetermined.

6th Commandment:
Thou shall not forget to bring gas masks and to forbid the entry of tanks in the very lobby of your chosen war-camp.

7th Commandment:
Thou shall always have civilians to accompany you so you can have a ready excuse for an immediate surrender in the name of their safety.

8th Commandment:
Thou shall not look meek and submissive even when already handcuffed, helpless and hopeless.

9th Commandment:
Thou shall try again another time in another occasion but not from another hotel, please.

5 December 2007