Friday, November 30, 2007

truth, justice , change

How much lie, injustice and stagnancy can the adult bear, the young witness, the children inherit? When will the people say enough is enough and wherefore act to let the truth out, to make justice reign, to effect a change for the better? What must the Filipinos do lest they find themselves already irredeemably buried in a deep ethical morass the present government keeps digging for them, from the high pile of moral garbage it has been heaping on them in the course of time?

How long will they endure their inculturation into graft and corruption, in the nonchalant waste of human lives and wanton violation of human rights? What on earth will bring about a public outrage, a national move, a concerted action to end a continuously and consistently distrusted and disapproved government? They have done it peacefully, steadfastly and successfully before. They can once more surely do it again the same way, with the same resolve and spirit.

The fundamental law of the land provides that head of government is given six long years to deliver what the people clamor for, to actualize what is promised to the governed. Thereafter, the said national governing figure is categorically barred from aspiring for the same office. The rationale of this formal and expressed constitutional provision is rather plain and simple: six continuous years are long enough for the highest public official in the country to demonstrate the national good which it can actualize for the benefit of the people—or sadly evidence national harm when it has the gall to inflict upon the country.

It is already tiring and nauseating even to but recall and list down the long litany of blatant socio-immoral postures adopted by the present government whereby money and power are worshipped; ego and loyalty politics are held supreme. Thus rests the unavoidable and unpleasant verdict recently rendered by a Churchman known for his command of moral theology, for his pastoral prudence and personal goodness. The incumbent government is morally bankrupt! Among other things, such a painful evaluation means that together with its cohorts, the head has lost the moral authority to lead, the moral ascendancy to govern. It will take a good amount of vain amoral gymnastics to arrive at a contrary conclusion.

29 Nov 2007