Wednesday, November 21, 2007

presidential creatures

Be nice! Stay well! Good luck! These are all that may be candidly and sincerely said to the newly established Pro-Performance Team plus Transparency Board. It is certain that millions of poor and hungry Filipinos want these presidential creatures to make life less miserable for them by lessening at least the incessant misuse and consistent abuse of public funds meant instead for their common welfare. Would that the said novel entities somehow neutralize the glaring reality of one government corruption after another—with no end thus far in sight. Only pessimists incarnate would wish these recent impressively titled executive bodies ill-will or would want them to fail.

But then, only a gullible few if any, would believe that the said merely pro-appearance Team and Board could make a real difference in rather shameful and much disturbing fraudulent and deceitful practices in, of and by the present government. Graft and corruption especially by high ranking public officials are already structural in tenacity and endemic in scope. It would be hard even but to imagine that a teeny-weenie Team here and Board there could actually cleanse the high levels of government from their big heap of ethical dirt, their huge file of moral garbage.

"The rut starts at the top," so one upsetting and unnerving line says about graft and corrupt practices in the exercise of governance in the country. The real predicament is how could the bottom clean the top? Just as no slave corrects a master, so too no minion tells the boss what to do or not do. In the same vein, what could mere creatures possibly tell their creator how to behave? This is one big predicament for such recently created Team and Board.

If the truth need be said, such much advertised creative presidential action is basically a propaganda ploy as it is also an exercise in futility. The supposedly new anti-graft and corrupt entities are definitely more for show and appearance than an expression of real and honest effort to come up with decent and upright government officials engaging in so many dubious transactions. The response by the head of government to such a gigantic problem of government cheating and deceit is too little and too late to make it realistic and credible.

With so many constitutional entities geared to go against grafters in public offices, with so many billions of pesos earmarked for anti-corruption drives, and with so much ongoing graft and corruption for so long a time in so many branches of government, it be quixotic to expect that the said newly born Team and Board could or would reverse the well standing and very impressive corrupt and corrupting record of the Philippine government.

But then, in the context of the saying that hope springs eternal, let the people wish the Team and the Board all the success possible in their venture and endeavor. Let Filipinos offer them a big toast, a good salute—without however holding their breathe while keeping their fingers crossed! To do otherwise would be defeatist in posture. At the same time however, to expect anything much would not be the way of the sensible.

21 November 2007