Friday, November 16, 2007

ominous moves

Something is radically wrong with the way this country is governed by the Malacañang occupant with loyal allies plus well-rewarded followers and amply paid minions. Notwithstanding all protestations to the contrary, the holder of the highest office in the land is rightly or wrongly perceived as involved—directly of indirectly—in many corrupt deals, anomalous transactions, inclusive of the recent bribery moves.

Furthermore, there are the tired and tiring claims of big economic recovery, impressive national development, futuristic prediction of the Philippines as an envisioned first world country in due time. But ground realities affirmed by periodic credible surveys say that the Malacañang perception is distinctly detached from the pervasive poverty and misery in the land. Add to this the honest fact that this country is kept economically afloat not by the effort of government but by the sweat and toil of OFW all over the globe.

That is why there is so much resentment and dissent among many sectors of society, why the political opposition is becoming more and more appreciated, why the administration keeps pleading for reconciliation with no takers ever. Except for government’s own media outlets—whose continuous praises for and adulations of the national leadership are not taken seriously by the general public—independent tri-media materials provide the grieving state of the nation.

It is not wherefore surprising at all that there are ominous moves from the opposition, cause oriented groups and civil society in general—with one and the same call: Away with the Malacañang occupant! Long since corrupt and corrupting, markedly deceptive and oppressive, highly dishonest and distrusted, and similar pejorative attributions—these are the more common public perception of the national leadership. And in the world of politics, perception is reality.

Resignation. Snap elections. Impeachment. These and similar moves are out in the open for the public to choose from. In fact, there are individuals, groups and organizations willing and ready to place their future in the hands of practically anybody except the incumbent holder of the highest office in the land. All the above mentioned three concrete moves however have their respective downside factor. First, there is no way that the identified office holder would ever resign for whatever noble or vulgar reason. Second, elections under the present Comelec remains but a dubious exercise. Third, impeachment appears a hopeless cause due to the tyranny of numbers of faithful pro-administration politicos in the Lower House of Congress in particular.

The truth is that even the signal year 2010 offers no certainty that the long incumbent national leader would be really out of government as repeatedly said recently. In fact, the Cha-Cha desire has recently been expressly mentioned by the national figure more than once.

Where would all the above ominous moves lead or drive the caring and thinking Filipinos?

November 16, 2007