Friday, November 09, 2007

impeachment: why not?

It is of public record that the national leadership repeatedly and insistently calls for national unity and reconciliation ultimately for its envisioned progress and projected development of the Country. On so many occasions, during different events, exactly the same urgent invitations have been expressly and loudly made. And the ones called, those invited all act the same: They do not take the calls seriously nor do they consider the invitations worth accepting. The truth is that both the Malacanang occupant and those thus addressed have their respective reasons –though these be contradictory in finality.

The one in tenure of the highest office in the land wants strong public dissent quashed and the real opposition silenced in the event that these obediently heed the clearly politically motivated appeals. The same personality hopes that once those appealed to listen and respond, then all its rather long list of gross and scandalous misdeeds might be side-stepped and hopefully forgotten. On the other hand, those thus called and invited only know to well that the very one crying out for national unity and reconciliation is precisely not only the principal cause of national disunity and division, but also the consistent over-all reason for the poverty and misery in the land on account of its private handling of public funds.

Furthermore, the same administration head invokes it as a constant mantra that there has never been any valid and legitimate question about the May 2004 national elections. It says without batting an eyelash that the exercise was altogether honest and orderly, peaceful and wherefore credible. In its vision and pursuant allegation, the Comelec accomplished its task with efficiency and dispatch. No ifs, no buts. On the other hand, there is the infamous "Garci Tapes" plus the touching "I am sorry." performance that keep coming back as a bad song. And the no less than three official repeated CBCP calls for the search of truth about the elections, still remain unanswered to this writing.

Finally. the said office holder either continuously proclaims innocence and integrity or resolutely pretends to be deaf and dumb when accused of this graft, that corruption, this and that bribery. It is so sure of itself, so complacent in demeanor, so angelic in posture. On the other hand, its palpable violations of the Constitution are piling up one after another. The end-result is already predictable, viz., bogus impeachments complaints as well as genuine ones are filed every year. And every year, they are all infallibly thrown out by the majority Malacanang well favored allies.

Now, the question: If the supposedly glorious head of government is so sure of its legitimacy, so certain of its integrity and so convinced of its innocence, why would it not allow any and all impeachments complaints be accepted and tried by its loyalists in both Houses of Congress? Why does it abhor having its day in court? Why would it not want to have its glowing name be vindicated once and for all so that all Filipinos would marvel and be proud of their national leader?

In other words, if it does not want to listen to public clamor resignation, call for snap election—and other options—why does it not go for impeachment? This is constitutional. This is fair to itself and its constituents.

9 November 2007