Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Highest in Corruption, Lowest in Approval

The present head of government has a consistent high rating in corruption in form of big guile and gross deceit in the management of public funds. The same holder of the highest office of public trust gets a continuous low grade of approval in terms of pervasive distrust and enormous dissatisfaction. The paring is not simply expected but also conclusive, viz., with more official corruption comes less public approval. In other words, any personality, organization or institution rated highest in corruption logically gets lowest rating in approval.

Neither good education nor profound wisdom is needed, but plain reason and elementary logic dictate that a liar is not believed, a cheat is not trusted, a thief is not honored. Herein lies the over-all serious ethical liability of the likewise over-all executive officer in the land. And herefrom comes the understandable conclusion that the government is wallowing in moral bankruptcy. This is neither funny nor curious. It is instead shameful and detestable.

It is even highly probable that for the present regime, it is no more a question of what is strictly moral or immoral. Rather, the issue can readily be base amorality. This would mean that instead of the distinction between good or evil, more relevant is the difference between what is profitable or not, what is advantageous, convenient, pleasurable or otherwise. Needless to say, someone in leadership position specially government who is downright really amoral, woe to the citizens and the country.

So many millions of Filipinos are paying particularly indirect taxes from birth to death. So many billions of pesos incurred specially through foreign debts. Yet, there is much poverty and misery in the land. Notwithstanding all rhetorical pronouncements and flamboyant forecasts by the officialdom, there is still hunger and sickness among the people. The "super-regions" as well as the "super maids" remain but super fantasies.

One has to be deaf and dumb to append honesty and integrity to the administration that has been distrusted and discredited since 2004. Only those it has favored much have the temerity to defend and promote it. This is exactly the case of the blind leading the blind to their eventual downfall. The truth of the matter is that with the present state of affairs in the country, to remain neutral is either feeble mindedness or cowardice, to claim that the present is fine and the future is promising is either deceitful or bizarre.

To be proud of one's national government and leaders is both a big joy and a great privilege. It makes one stand tall and look straight. There are people in the world who are favored by such a wonderful blessing. On the other hand, to be told that one's country is run by liars, thieves and cheats, is not simply humiliating but also revolting. The answer to the question comes as a big blast when one goes to a meeting of foreigners who speak with sincerity and candor about their respective governments, about their people, about their Countries. What an impression! What a experience!

20 November 2007