Monday, October 29, 2007


There has been a good amount of bitter criticisms and lout lamentations about the commonly perceived misdeeds attributed to the national leadership. Accompanied by proper invectives there are too many negative pronouncements about the incumbent highest official in the land. For people to be positive and constructive, this seems to be the cry and the need of the days—for a change. The occasion has come for objective appreciation, for positive recognition.

It is thus about time that the national leadership be thus given proper affirmation for its singular and consummate expertise in being deeply involved in one scam after another, in arousing strong suspicions in its engagements in this and that corrupt and corrupting practice. And this pattern of disturbing and disgusting acts appears to be rather regular and continuous since it assumed power long before May 2004. Consistency is the much appreciated operative word here.

It might be good to point out the very touching and unnerving “I am sorry” spectacle. It was impeccable in its ample preparation and fervent invocation. In fact, it was accompanied by the proper quivering voice and tearful eyes. It is undoubtedly memorable in both its text and context. It even became a hit expression for a long time, among so many people, here and abroad.

Furthermore, the said devious and wherefore dubious executive acts happen in such a fast pace that people have no time to ponder on their respective significance and implications, and much less time even but to remember them. The MalacaƱang occupant is rather effective in causing deliberate confusion among thinking people and cause-oriented groups. These are thus successfully confused about which issue to focus and work on. This is positively known and admiringly called productivity in the difficult world of commerce.

Lately, there is the much admired and admirable use of the now infamous “Executive Privilege”. What is meant to protect the country from the revelation of matters of national security, is now wantonly invoked to cover-up very scandalous transactions and high anomalous agenda in and by the Executive Department. There is even that now standing Executive Order equivalent to a commandment in terms of “Thou shall not tell the truth.” Here is ingenuity par excellence.

“Divide and conquer.” “Take the offensive.” “Strike where the enemy is weak.” These could be some of the well learned principles and much applied lessons by the national leadership. The same must be a good pupil in the Art of War. The teacher should be very proud for the brilliance for their execution. This is intelligence at its best. This is a demonstration of well honed skills and profound ingenuity.

This is recognition.

29 October 2007