Monday, October 01, 2007


Pardon just like forgiveness is passing over in offense made without imposing the due punishment. It is an edifying act of understanding, a distinct manifestation of generosity and good will. That is why someone who readily grants pardon to an offender, who easily forgives an evil doer, should be looked upon with great appreciation for such an admirable selfless gesture of clemency.

But just like any noble reality in itself, pardon can be pitifully distorted in significance and degraded in implications by someone who wants to appear as forgiving of others while in truth merely intending his or her own advantage. In this devious scheme, more than the subject partly pardoned, the odious ulterior motive behind the gesture is the envisioned benefit of the pardoning person.

Only characters which inherent deceit in mind and incarnate duplicity at heart can and do engage in such crooked and deviant act of downright hypocrisy. To pardon someone simply to seek merit for oneself or merely to pursue the lessening of his or her own greater culpability and accountability—this is the egoistic way of someone deeply immersed in the quagmire of socio moral liabilities.

In the now obtaining case before the general public, there is the spectacle of someone convicted of a grave offense against the Constitution, against the people. And there is another who appears to have violated the Constitution many times over, seems to have exploited the people much more than the convict. The one under arrest remains still popular and influential. Meantime, the one free roaming around the globe and having in command much power and wealth, has become more and more unpopular, discredited and wherefore much unacceptable.

Such a scene is both disturbing and unnerving precisely to the one now acting as if on top of the world but somehow worried of going down the drain latter if not sooner. A remedial counter-action plan wherefore has been readily hatched and now eagerly awaiting execution: Announce the forthcoming pardon of the person convicted so that specially his avid followers could be less condemning and more conciliatory with the one who precisely orchestrated his ouster and possibly his conviction as well.

The much advertised “pardon” therefore is not only dissonant with a sound value system but also offensive to elementary intelligence. It is the pitiful case of someone offering pardon while in fact begging for pardon for much bigger offenses against the Constitution and worst sins against the people.

1 October 2007