Monday, October 15, 2007

buying. bought. bribed

There are some questions that can be legitimately asked about the more recent events in the country that are begging for credible answers—if such were still possible. How gross can a national government become when it buys the loyalty and support of certain regional and local public officials? How corrupt and corrupting can an administration display itself by freely and liberally distributing millions of pesos to many of its minions as if it owned all the money in the country? How callous can an incumbent national leader be by paying for its greed for power, by assuring its tenure of might influence?

The way someone thinks and acts, it appears that there is no more distinction between right and wrong, no more difference between virtue and vice. It looks like some individuals are considered as having affordable price tags. There appears to be a calculated and deliberate scheme to bribe certain persons in order to prop up a miserable credibility and lost respectability. Anything at any cost for whatever amount—all these are considered fair and square on proviso only that egoistic interests could be duly promoted, and selfish motives accordingly safeguarded.


§ Is it to successfully quash impeachment complaints from 2007 to 2009 at least?
§ Is it already to prepare for a constitutional change from a bicameral to parliamentary form of government especially through a constituent assembly?
§ Is it this an early preparation for the approval of such a change through the loyal response of the local officials plus an election to the parliament for continuing hold on power from 2010?

Those who say that such thoughts are coming from but gossipers or paranoids better think again and well. Who said things often that still remain undone? Who seems to have a super ego with quixotic visions and pursuant projects? Who appears to be having a consistent experience of the lowest approval or acceptance rating for so many years?

It was not enough that there was one scam after another since 2004. It was neither enough that there was that recent shameless ZTE deal. It is not even enough that even the supposedly marvelous cyberspace education project is already the object of either objection or decision. There is this concluded series of someone buying, others selling, bought and bribed.

It is almost certain that the poor people of the Philippines have definitely not heard the last of such serious socio-moral aberrations. It can be safely said that there will be others—perhaps more errant, odious and disastrous.

15 October 2007