Friday, October 12, 2007

2008 malacañang budget triple unprogrammed

Millions of Filipinos do not know where to get their next meals for the day. Thousands of children can no longer afford schooling. While there are women offering their bodies for exploitation, there are men selling their body parts to foreign buyers. To find work, millions of men and women leave the country and their families for employment abroad—braving the known dangers not only to their human rights but also to their own lives as well.

And there is the shameful 2008 Malacañang budget that is not only three times bigger in amount than this year, but that is as usual unprogrammed as to how much goes to whom, what for, why and how. Every single peso of this amount is public fund. Adding insult to injury, the enormous amount of money is coveted by a government that is anything but trustworthy and credible.

For one reason or another, even the exact amount of the pork barrel of the national leadership for the year 2008 is neither that clear nor defined. The following disturbing factor however is certain: The pork has become about 300% fatter compared to 2007. Just to show how shadowy and suspect this matter is, the amounts range are said to range from pesos 22.5 billion in 2007 to pesos 60 billion for 2008, or from pesos 61 billion in 2007 to pesos 114.5 billion for 2008.

The way the present administration fools around with public funds is unconscionable. Practically anything and everything it does with people’s money is to keep saving its bad image though to no avail, to try selling its alleged visionary program which only those who financially benefit therefore applaud it. Everybody else is an on-looker, either wondering what the vision is all about, simply laugh it off, or completely disregard in their increasingly difficult day-to-day living.

There are but relatively few people who really like the present government to fall flat on its face so that they can simply take over the reigns of power and have command over public funds. What is truly sad and pitiful however is that it is the government itself that appears determined to fail by its any infamous designs, by certain reprehensive deals, not to mention its expertise in corruption.

One thing is both really necessary and highly urgent: Those in the Legislative Department who are still men and women of principle and integrity, cannot but look and correct such a highly questionable and dubious unprogrammed tripled 2008 Malacañang funds—infallibly chargeable to the people, the poorest of the poor included.

12 October 2008