Wednesday, September 19, 2007

who is next?

One down and counting. It cannot be otherwise. The one who fell was burdened with some overwhelming socio-moral accountabilities. The next one will find it hard not to fall as well. The latter’s both ethical and political liabilities are much more in number and gravity. One could meantime fool around with the tenure of power and the exercise of influence. But no one can endure the persistence of truth and the insistence of justice. Truth eventually stands out and justice ultimately has its due course. This is not an empty warning but a historical fact—along the maxim that what goes up, eventually comes down.

Probably true than false, someone is already in deep trouble, wallowing in mire, barely breathing freely. This explains why when someone was being sentenced to imprisonment, another was kept at an instantly made fortress, well guarded with strong firepower in addition to barbwires and other barricades. While someone powerless faced his accusers, another very powerful was hidden somewhere. How true is the saying that as integrity is big moral strength, improbity causes ethical weakness and interior fear.

It might be in order to mention but some much disturbing issues that find their way to the MalacaƱang doorstep. There is the most expensive highway in the world together with a certain big IMPSA question mark. There too is the unending issue about a certain tape plus the matter of fertilizing the 2004 elections. Furthermore, there are the ignominious facts of extrajudicial killings and fatal disappearances. Recently, there is the scandalous broadband deal— to mention but some (woman) a man-made earthquakes shocking and shaking the country. At some kind of a spicy ending, there were the fatal findings of the senate hearing on jueteng—when and where and to whom jueteng payolas were distributed and received.

All these atrocious dealings and infamous transactions must mean something in the realm of good or evil, in the sphere of innocence or guilt and the consequent area of who remains free or who goes behind bars. Hence, after the very first case of a former President of the Republic was accused, tried and found guilty, the question comes as a matter of course: Who is next?

19 September 2007