Friday, September 28, 2007

verdict of history

It is strange but true that history is always a work in progress. It accompanies people, families and individuals who actually live and eventually die in the course of time. It chronicles in a very special way those persons who are the big pride of their country as well as those characters that are the great shame of the people. That is why more recent Philippine history indelibly carries the debacles caused by the so called “Conjugal Dictatorship”, the inanities of the thus titled “Kamaganak Incorporated”, the happy “Midnight Cabinet”— to mention a few.

It is not a secret that particularly for the past six years or so, the verdict of history is now already being gradually written— naming names of both heroic persons as well as infamous villains, writing their good and godly deeds, their vicious acts and devilish behavior, respectively. While still thinking and discerning, people already know who they are and what they do, to Philippines History ultimately belongs the honor or disgrace of identifying their persons and recording their much appreciated or very odious life and living—for all Filipino generations yet to come know with joy or disgust, with glee or grief.

Rightly or wrongly, there are already certain individuals, families and clans whose names evoke distrust and disdain, whose attitude and behavior are highly censurable and markedly detestable. It is not really hard to know and identify them—except for the usual threats of libel together with the standard dangers to life and limb. The reality is that it has become dangerous—very dangerous—in this country under the present regime to tell the truth. Truth is taboo. Justice is a rarity. Reconciliation is frequently and loudly called for precisely by those who are the incarnate causes of people’s disunity and division.

In a way, any and all verdicts of Philippine History specially on those who hold high leadership positions in government can readily and easily be divided into but two main categories: They are either truthful or liars, honest or cheats, upright or thieves. Even the common tao know them and have them accordingly marked in their mind and written on their heart. The truth of the matter is that even but a simple survey will readily come up with some kind of a “Hate List”—which although unkind is however understandable especially during these difficult and trying times in the History of the Philippines.

28 September 2007