Friday, September 21, 2007

the supreme court of the philippines

During these days of frustration in the search for truth and times of exasperation in the pursuit of justice, the Supreme Court of the Philippines stands at the summit of hope especially for those who feel or know that they are victims of the Executive Department in its despotic moves. It is enough to think of certain so called “Presidential” proclamation and “Executive” Orders ultimately undermining human dignity and offending human rights.

When approached and called upon to intervene in putting a stop to excesses of the Executive Department, the Supreme Court, under the leadership of the incumbent Chief Executive, respects no personal status or public stature of respondents in its quest for what is true, right and just. In fact, it is now a public knowledge that the Supreme Court has been lately taking the high moral ground in looking for and safeguarding the intent the law.

The truth is that the Supreme Court now is no longer contented by merely passively waiting for the submission of evidence but has in effect taken a pro-active stance in the resolution of celebrated cases. It is enough to recall the Summit it called last July in order to have a better judicial grasp of the odious and infamous extrajudicial killings. Recently there is the adoption of the Habeas Data provision in response to cases of “disappearances” through abductions shamelessly perpetrated precisely by those walking in at the halls of power.

It would be great if the celebrated Plunder Case recently resolved by the Sandiganbayan would be appealed to the Supreme Court for a final and executory sentence. Considering its obtaining integrity, courage and competence, there could be no tenable cause to doubt the merit of its decision. When the national leadership has its hands in practically all subordinated government institutions and agencies ultimately to maneuver their moves, the country still has a champion in the defense and promotion of the common good as the sum total of the good of the citizens of the land.

Would that the Supreme Court of the Philippines under the leadership of the present Chief Justice stay in course in being the court of last recourse of the people who are fooled, exploited or trampled upon by a discredited, distrusted and disrespected administration. Stay “cool”, Mr. Chief Justice!

21 September 2007