Monday, September 17, 2007

sooner or later

The signal is clear. The message is loud: jueteng is a personal curse and a national shame. This is the bitter lesson that goes with the guilty verdict rendered on a former president primarily on account of jueteng payolas. Jueteng is definitely not a small issue. It proved nothing less than the crime of plunder. It provided the penalty of “reclusion perpetua”. It even cancelled the civil rights of an ex-chief executive of the land.

Jueteng is cruel. It is evil and vile. On one hand, it is deceptive and exploitative of already poor people who even gamble away their few pesos. On the other hand, jueteng is corruptive of public officials and thus destructive of their honor and integrity. Meantime, the known jueteng lords and operators have all the fun, exercise great influence and become the untouchables in this country.

The senate hearing on jueteng exposed a god number of revealing facts. How this seemingly innocent gambling form unmasked the hypocrisy of certain public officials from the local to the national levels How this apparently but gambling entertainment made a good number of police authorities deaf and dumb—seeing, hearing, saying nothing.

Meantime, jueteng is well, alive and strong especially in region 1 up to region 5. Practically anybody and everybody know this—except those who should precisely know it and must do something to stop it. If the previous administration fell primarily on account of jueteng, the present administration could also fall due to jueteng—among so many other well-recorded grave socio-moral liabilities. There is an end to everything hereon earth—sooner or later. But the end is inevitable. This is inevitable. This is infallible.

17September 2007