Wednesday, September 05, 2007

“Silence of God”

The reality and phrase “Silence of God” comes in form of other expressions— such as “Dark Hours of the Soul”, “Stillness of God” and other similar descriptive factors. All of these experiences nevertheless have some common empirical elements: One, all the great Saints underwent the same spiritual pains and consequent affective lamentations. Two, the saintly men and women concerned were all then under big frustrations and pursuant disappointments on account of then obtaining very disturbing spiritual and/or pitiful social realities. Three, all of them while fervently calling on for God’s help and/or intervention, however felt that He seemed unconcerned and uncaring, and wherefore absent and silent.

The truth of the matter is that such “absence” or “silence” of God is God’s way of testing truly holy men and women—how truly strong and alive is their faith, how really sincere and fervent is their hope and love for Him. Needless to say, persons who are anybody or anything but saintly—congenital liars, habitual cheaters and constant thieves—do not undergo such a trial from God. There is no need to test their genuine faith, hope in and love of God as these they practically have none.

Every now and then, there are certain personalities in the country who claim that God not only talks to them but in effect speaks to them so much and for so long. They even proudly allege that they usually hear God tell them this and that. They make God rather talkative and noisy even. It might be good to point out that God seems to talk too much to the following individuals:

First, these are those who through no fault of their own, are suffering from mental disorder—such as delusion or hallucination. It is customary to find these pitiful individuals in mental institutions or at the hospital psychiatric wards. It would not be right to blame them, as they are sick with dysfunctional mind and will.

Second, they are the so called new “charismatic” religious founders who impress their follower that they are God’s favorites or something the like. They too claim regularly and frequently talking to and hearing God. It is both amazing and enviable how these spiritual leaders of recent vintage even have the gall to make themselves petty gods.

Third, they are the downright liars who consider themselves so bright and all others so stupid that they dare proclaim in public that God spoke to them, told them what to do. The truth is that they even use the Lord for their personal interests—such as political designs. These are the most dangerous individuals the moment they themselves already believe their own lies. They then become dogmatic as well as despotic. Woe to any country who has even but one of these personalities.

Please dear God: Have mercy on us!

5 September 2007