Monday, September 24, 2007

signs and times

Ominous are the signs and disturbing are the times in the country. There is one too many gross and scandalous corruption in the halls of power. There is so much flagrant and disgusting deceit among those holding public offices and supposedly occupying places of honor. Where have all the decent and honorable political leaders gone? What happened to all honest and credible national public officials? Where is the incumbent administration driving people to?

And the cause of all these pitiful signs and bad times is not only the issue of a disappearing and reappearing broadband contract. This is but the icing in a huge putrid cake. The mere recitation of similar cases of gross corruption in, of and by the present government is enough to make people cry to heaven for vengeance against their manipulators and exploiters. These infamous characters and detestable personalities must be happy because of the rather short memory of the Filipino public.

While suicide is still considered unwarranted even for a king of thieves or a queen of deceits. And while downright crooks and incorrigible cheats should be simply placed behind big solid prison bars. Nevertheless, even but their mere resignation from public office on account of some shame and self-respect is well in order. The opposite is abominable, viz. the more callous and pathetic they become by precisely clinging on to their undeserved offices and positions in the national government.

People can only wonder what would be the adverse impact of this shameless display of the culture of graft and corruption on the young people of today precisely when such behavior is adopted by their own national leaders and icons. It is not enough that a good number of them are in effect poorly educated or are in fact denied education. It is not even enough that they witness daily crimes and pervasive amorality even via information technology. The young people of today are still a captive public of the display of lying, cheating and stealing in the officialdom of their own country.

It is not irrelevant to say that the national hero himself of the Philippines could be turning in his grave. He once proudly said that the young are the hope of the land. He could not have then imagined how unethical and immoral their elders in positions of leadership could become.

24 September 2007