Friday, September 07, 2007

shameless and hopeless

If the reports and statements about the now infamous ZTE broadband deal were true—and there are indications and arguments to that effect—it has to be admitted with great pity that the present administration is shameless, and the Country is thus hopeless. In addition to many scandalous graft and corruption in government that insults the intelligence of many and assault the sensibility of the general public, the said deceitful transaction has effectively made the personalities therein involved as consummate national liabilities. Unless they make a repentant about-face from their sins against the people—and there are clear indications that they would not—their life would be their curse and their death would be their unrest.

Where will it stop? The corruption that has become endemic to the present government has received a distinct mention in the whole of Asia, not too long ago. The same corruption has been in fact affirmed by the Filipinos themselves quite recently. This standing fact in the Philippines may no longer be belittled much less denied even by expert Malacañang apologist. In this case, it is not enough to clean but the base of the pyramid of scandals in this government. The cleaning, if this were still at all possible, must start from its top. And whereas this is very unlikely, people should not hold their breath waiting for government honesty and integrity. Disgust and repulsion would only be their inevitable lot.

How will it stop? With the infamy of lying, cheating and stealing popularly appended to the still existing administration, it is quite unlikely that the consequent graft and corruption therewith affiliated would stop during its whole existence. For all intents and purposes, even the Supreme Court and the Senate combined, appear incapable of making the Executive Department toe the line of veracity, probity and propriety. It as to be admitted that evil is not that easy to dispel.

When will it stop? This question merely brings to fore one painful question: Will the shamelessness perceived appended to the administration and the hopelessness popularly felt by the county as a whole stop only by 2010 if the law had its way, or before by a fortuitous event? Or not even after, by force of machinations against the existing Constitutions of the Land? No matter what will stop it, how and when, the fact remains that meantime, these are not hopeful times, much less peaceful and happy days.

One thing is certain: The relatively long existing truly frustrating and at times even disgusting Philippine situation cannot but eventually end—somehow, sometime.

7 September 2007