Wednesday, September 26, 2007

milking cow

This particular government has apparently long since considered the people as its always ready and always obliged milking cow not only in funding its vacuous projects but also pushing its corrupt visions. Never mind if the general public is already down to its knees in poverty and misery. It does not matter if millions of families have barely food to eat and medicine to take during frequent and long sickness. And so what if millions of Filipinos precisely have to leave their families behind as ubiquitous OFWs only to make living more bearable for their spouses and children.

There are leading figures in the administration with their parallel partners that are only too eager to make money—very much money—to fund extravagant contracts, to support their greed for power while filling their pockets at the same time. There is already a long litany of corrupt and corrupting ventures that the executive department has undertaken. In fact, they are not only too many to mention but also very nauseating to remember. The ZTE fiasco is but one of them.

While people already find it hard to make but a decent living, this government wants to have its very own national broadband. Although the country is already up to its neck in debt, this administration is prepared to engage in incurring even bigger debts from abroad. As the Filipinos carefully count the few pesos they have, the national leadership even gave its supposedly august presence in committing multi-million dollars under the usual principle of “This is for me. This is for you” corruption scheme.

And as expected, it is the general public that pays anything and everything MalacaƱang not only does but does badly. Even the poorest of the poor pay indirect taxes in exactly the same amount as the richest of the rich do. That is why the moment a baby is born, it already pays indirect taxes in the electricity he or she needs, the cotton and alcohol used. This is not to mention the standing fact that every unborn baby has already incurred a multimillion-peso debt— nd increasing.

The government has no money? No problem! Make people pay. Raise taxes. Milk them to death. This government cannot pay? No big deal! Make the next government through next generations pay. Oh Filipino! Where do you go? What do you do? Up to when will you endure? How much as you willing to bear?

26 September 2007