Friday, September 14, 2007

Marriage Collapse

Both perception and reports have it that marriages in the Country are becoming less and less stable, and wherefore more and more prone to failure. The eventual victims are as usual, the children born of the thus abandoned conjugal unions. This has no reference really to marriages in fact entered into by people in the entertainment industry, or by couples at least one of whom is a movie personality or someone the like. The noted increasingly weak and wherefore ultimately failed marriages are contracted by ordinary Filipinos.

The focal question is why. Why are there progressively more so-called “broken” marriages even among those with supposedly strong Filipino family tradition and culture? Where have many married couples failed really? How come even much lavish and well celebrated weddings ended up with civil annulment. The ground invoked is not only standard but the very predictable “psychological incapacity” whatever this is.

Down to earth analysis of this sad phenomenon now obtaining in the country especially in Metro-Manila and other metropolitans, shows that there seem to be three more signal factors, one or more of which are found common among thus terminated marital unions. While all apparently started rather well, gradually but surely they began to turn sour, then unbearable and finally discarded.

The first reason for marriage failures in the Country—and probably elsewhere in the world—is the serious distortion of ethical principles as well as moral values. A good number of men and women get married for the wrong reasons, for worldly motives and/or with unrealistic expectations. There is practically nothing sacred about human sexuality. Nor is marriage sincerely considered as a lifelong covenant.

The second cause for unsuccessful marriage among Christian couples is precisely the erosion of their faith. The saying of prayers has become some kind of a sign of weakness, a mere recourse when people are in trouble. Going to Church is looked upon as a practice observed simply by old women and little children, the poor and the sick.

The third reason is personality disorder—specially the anti-social type. This liability is beyond ordinary human weakness and in many instances incurable notwithstanding all appearances and arguments to the contrary. It is fatal for marriage intents and purposes.

14 September 2007