Monday, September 03, 2007

drawing and reality

With glorious voice and glowing face, the national leadership recently announced with
neither doubt or hesitation that the gross domestic product had an admirable and impressive growth of 7.5% in 2006-2007. It was further said that it was so far the highest growth level in the country within twenty long years. Such was its effect in the general public and impact to thinking people that one of the most widely circulated broadsheets, had the alleged growth printed as a headline—with the introductory word: “Surprise!”

This incredible announcement and unbelievable claim from no less than the supposedly
holder of the highest public office in the land in command of practically anyone and anything that are understandably subservient to the latter’s interests and pursuant image building. Incidentally but not surprisingly, it was also the same supposedly eminent scholarly economic figure that not long ago said with a hint of sarcasm and anger: The Filipinos were already having so much yet did not even know it!

Among other things, it is quite clear that the present administration is more preoccupied by mere visions than actualities, by plain drawings than realities. Figures are easy to write. But the real truth, they say, are something else. It is futile to announce great economic gains when millions of people barely have enough to eat. It is in fact even offensive to claim so much gross domestic product vis-à-vis the poverty in the land to the extent that majority of poor and sick people die for lack of basic medicines.

How on earth could the gross domestic product increase by such an incredible rate in the context of even but following the three more signal national situational factors: One, more and more men and women still going abroad for work and there stay as long and humanly possible. Two, less and less children are going to the school such that illiteracy has become the order of the times. Three, more and more importations—not to mention smugglings—are made from food to toys, from bagoong to toothpicks.

One thing however is definite and defined: The Malacañang occupant has clearly become less and less trusted, more and more disrespected and disdained. Not one of the latter’s predecessors from the Martial Law era to these days, ever receive a continuous and consistent negative rating of national approval. The last May elections clearly forwarded a clear omen: It is a much distrusted and well rejected leadership!

3September 2007